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I believe 200 dollars? I bought mine in august and that was the price.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-29 23:33:47
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Q: What is the current value of an iPod Mini?
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Does the iPod mini play videos?

No. The iPod mini was only capable of playing music, as it had only a black and white LCD display. The iPod mini was discontinued in 2005 upon the introduction of the iPod nano. The current iteration of the iPod nano (3rd generation) is the first of the small iPod models to support video playback.

What does the mini iPod mini have?

The iPod mini is very tiny it has music and I don't know what else

What came first iPod shuffle or iPod mini?

The iPod Mini was released February 20th, 2004. The iPod Shuffle was released on January 11, 2005. The iPod Mini came first by almost a full year.

Can iPod mini get wifi?

No, the iPod mini only has music, games, contacts, and calendars.

Is there mini apps for ipod nano 6g?

No. There are no mini apps for iPod nano 6th gen

Which iPod came first iPod nano iPod mini iPod shuffle?

ipod nano

Is a ipad3 the same as a iPod touch?

no the iPad 3, is acually called the iPad Mini, and no i believe it is half the size of the current iPads, making it bigger than the iPod touch.

The battery on your iPod mini is dead - can they be replaced?

Yes, if the battery is dead in an iPod mini you can replace it. Go to youtube and watch a guide on how to take the iPod apart. Also go on eBay and buy a iPod mini Battery. They sell for about 10 dollars at average.

Is an iPod Nano like an iPod mini?

no there is one much smaller--ipod shuffle

IPod Mini Problems?


Is an iPod Apple has released iPod Mini?

Trying to see what your asking there... Has Apple released the iPod Mini? If that's the question, no, no it hasn't.

How many iPods?

There are many different models of the iPod. These include the iPod shuffle, the iPod mini, the iPod nano, and the iPod classic.

Why don't they sell ipod mini anymore?

Because there are ipod nanos.

How do you do cheats on iPod Touch for mini militia?

Cheats for mini milita

Why is the iPod Nano named iPod Nano?

nano means small. the ipod nano is smaller than the ipod mini.

Where can you find the value of a mini Ronald Reagan coin?

The value of a U.S. Ronald Reagan Mini Medal can be found via the Coin Quest service. The value is based on the current price of gold. At this time these coins are valued at $14.

Do iPod mini need a batterie?


Do a iPod mini have game?


You currently have an ipod mini and am getting an ipod touch Will it connect with your current itunes or will you have to set up another Itunes?

i am pretty sure you can connect it to the same tunes because i have two nano's on the same itunes

What type of ipod does Kristen Stewart have and what color is it?

Its a blue mini ipod nano

Who invented the iPod Mini?

tony fadell

How much does the iPod mini cost?


How does one do a factory reset on an iPod mini?

It varies on the model of the iPod mini, On majority of iPod's you can reset it by sliding the lock button on the top of the iPod to clarify its not locked, then hold the menu and select button until a black screen with a apple logo then appears.

Is iPod Apples top mp3 player?

iPod is Apple's only mp3 player. There are, however, many different models - from the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle to the iPod mini and the iPod touch.

Are there any boom boxes that will play both my cds and my ipod?

There are plenty of mini systems, such as Sony's mini line, that has a 3-CD changer and can play (and charge) an iPod.