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Q: What is the current wave height on lake Huron?
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What was the largest wave recorded on Lake Huron?

Lake Huron has officially recorded waves surpassing 35ft in height in most severe storms. In the storm of 1913, the J.H. Sheadle was reportedly hit by a 70-90ft wave disabling the vessel for a period of time almost sinking her.

What is the average wave height on Lake Michigan?

1 foot

What was the largest recorded wave height on Lake Erie?

23 ft

Lake Winnipeg waves?

Could you tell me what is the average wave height on Winnipeg lake during the months of September to December. Thank You in Advance

What is the height of the wave known as?

The height of a wave is the amplitude.

What is the term for the height of a wave?

Hi The term used to refer the height of a wave is "significant wave height".

How do you measure the height of a wave?

The height of a wave is the distance from the trough to the crest. The amplitude of a wave is always half of it's height.

How do you use wave height in a sentence?

That wave height is too much for me!

The frequency of a wave is?

Is the height of the wave.

The height of a wave crest is called?

The height of a wave crest or depth of a trough is called the amplitude of the wave.

What was the largest wave recorded on Lake Superior?

26 feet would be the (highest) significant wave height on Superior. This means that waves of 50 feet are possible. Some sailors have reported 40 feet (35 feet according to accounts FROM the S.S. Authur M. Anderson) the night the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald sank. The significant wave height is the average height of the highest one third of waves observed, and is the figure quoted by meteorologists when they report wave heights. The maximum wave height, according to most experts, can be up to 1.8 times (some say 2x) the significant wave height. A "rogue wave" is defined as a wave that exceeds twice the significant wave height. Recent research has shown that rogue waves, at least in the open ocean, are more common than previously believed. So it's possible that waves over 50 ft. in height might rarely occur on Lake Superior.

Why do waves increase in height as they reach the shore?

There is a circular current inside the waves and as they come closer to the shore the previous wave is pulled up into it and this gives the initial wave more height because they are now fused.

The height of a wave from center line to a crest or trough?

it depends on the height of the wave

What happens to wave height and wave length when a wave approaches the shore?

As the wave enters shallow water, the wave height increases, and the wavelength decreases.

What does amplitude of a wave mean?

The height of the wave.

Why does the amplitude depend on the height of a wave?

This is just the definition of "amplitude". The amplitude of a wave is the height of the wave. "Amplitude" is a fancier name for "height" when we speak about waves.

What is the average wave height when whitecaps occur?

The average wave height is 125 feet.

Which wave property is related to a wave's height?


Can a tsunami travel on land?

No, but the wave can inundate coastal areas to a height equivalent to the wave height.

Height of a wave?


The height of a wave?


How do you measure wave height?

Waves are measured by a recorder that tracks wave periods and frequencies. Measuring the trough and the crest of the wave is how get the actual height.

How do breaking waves affect wave height?

A wave will break when it's height becomes greater than 1/7 of the wave length.

What is the relationship between the height of wave and its amplitude?

amplitude is equal to one half of the wave height the greater the energy of the wave the greater its amplitude

What is the hieght of a wave?

The maximum height of a wave is called the crest.