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with the spark plug holes facing you. the sequence from left to right is : top bolts: 10-6-2-3-7 bottom bolts: 9-5-1-4-8 The torque specs for the tightness of the bolts are: 3 steps they are step 1 - 45 ft. lbs. step 2 - 65 ft. lbs. step 3 - 65 ft. lbs. plus an additional 90 degree turn. this is info directly from the chilton motor manual. which you can purchase at any parts store also a Hanes motor manual, will have this info.

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Q: What is the cylinder head tighing sequence is and the specifed torqueis for a 1989 dodge caravan with a 2.5 engine?
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The 2000 Dodge Caravan oil sending unit is located on the bottom of the engine. It is on the front on a six cylinder, and the rear on a four cylinder.

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do you mean the door or ignition?

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Cylinder number four misfire.

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i need a Cylinder Head Torque Specs for a 1999 dodge caravan 4 cyl 25 ft lbs, 50 ft lbs, 50 ft lbs, quarter turn.

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