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Pope Benedict XVI wakes up around 5 am and begins his day as all priests do by praying Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. Then he washes and dresses and goes to his private chapel to celebrate Mass.

After Mass, he eats breakfast with the priests who assist him and at times there are other visitors. Then he holds audiences with bishops, heads of state and others. He may also pray the Office of Readings and other hours from the Liturgy of the Hours throughout the day.

On Wednesday mornings, a general public audience is held in St. Peter's Square.

After lunch, he takes a brief siesta as is the Italian custom. The rest of the day is filled with writing documents and sermons.

After dinner he prays Evening Prayer (vespers) from the Liturgy of the Hours.

He usually takes some time in the evening to watch the news on television, although that is usually the extent of his TV viewing.

Then, there is usually more writing and reading. He usually tries to schedule in some time to play the piano before praying Night Prayer (Compline) from the Liturgy of the Hours. He also prays the rosary daily. He usually goes to bed around 10 pm.

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Q: What is the daily life of the Pope like?
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