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Quite simply it is impossible to swallow it as it dries the mouth out quickly. Bu not being to swallow it, it can be inhaled or make you choke, resulting in your possible death. Eating raw liver has choked a few college students in the past by having the same effect. It is too coarse to slide down the throat and gets stuck there.

Cassia cinnamon contains natural coumadin. Too much is bad for the liver. Other varieties of cinnamon, such as Ceylon, have much less coumadin.

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there aren't really any serious dangers but drys up your throat and hurts really badly

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Q: What is the danger of eat powder cinnamon?
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Cinnamon, can dry out the mouth airway and lungs because of its fine powder consistency. unlike salt which is more of a granule, cinnamon is a fine powder which can more easily coat surfaces. it might not be deadly but can be very detrimental to your health to eat or inhale cinnamon powder by itself. i am not a doctor nor do i claim to know for certain but as i have been informed by medical professionals and other researchers this is true of most powders cinnamon just happens to be a common myth. One Another danger of inhaling cinnamon is the possibility of causing an infection in your lungs from a foreign substance. I know from experience that this can happen. A few years ago, I nearly died from bacterial pneumonia which I believed might have been started from inhaling powered sugar.

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