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Infertility may result from PID.

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Is chlamydia the same as PID?

Chlamydia is not the same as PID. Chlamydia may cause PID, but you can have chlamydia without having PID, and you can have PID without having chlamydia.

Can you get pregnant while having pid?

You most likely can get pregnant while having PID.9 out of 10 women can get pregnant if they had PID.

Can you have PID without knowing?

Yes, it appears that some women can have PID without knowing. Chlamydia, in particular, can cause inflammation and scarring in the pelvis without notable symptoms.

Can having pid make it hard to have natural childbirth?

PID won't affect having natural child birth.

What is the importance of knowing what is my blood tyope?

Knowing your blood type is important because if you are pregnant, having a negative blood type could put you in danger of having a miscarriage. Go to your doctor and see what blood type you have.

Is PID an STD?

PID is not a STD; it results from having certain STDs.Not always, but it is usually associated with a bacterial infection.

Does this sentence contain a dangling modifier not knowing the danger the soldiers marched on?

No, the clause "Not knowing the danger," modifies the subject noun 'soldiers'.

Can you use tampons after having PID?

You can use tampons after having PID, but not sure it's the best choice. Tampons are a major cause of vaginal infections which can contribute to PID, it would be a better idea to consider safer options like menstrual cups, softcups, or menstrual pads which don't pose the risk of increased vaginal infections, or in turn higher risk of PID, like tampons.

If you had asymptomatic chlamydia for five years could you have PID and how would you detect it?

You can have PID from chlamydia without having significant symptoms. Detection is difficult, but some PID can be detected by physical exam. Talk to your health care provider for advice specific for your situation.

Can males get PID?

Males can't get PID.Men won't get PID.

Can you have PID without having chlamydia or gonorrhea?

Many cases of PID aren't caused by gonorrhea and chlamydia. In order to protect their bodies from further damage, women with PID should abstain from sex until cleared by their health care provider to resume activity.

Can pid cause you not to have kids?


Can you have PID if you tested negative for chlamydia?

Yes. While people most often think of chlamydia and gonorrhea when they think of PID, the most common cause is anaerobic bacteria that are not necessarily spread by sex. You can have PID without having an STD.Don't worry, PID is curable. Once you are confirmed that you have infected with it, you'd better get the treatment immediately. Luckily, PID could be driven away by "fuyan pill" completely from its root.

Can you die from pid?

You will not die from PID.

Can you be pregnant if you have pid?

You can be pregnant with PID.

What is the danger of dying?

not knowing if youl go somewhere after or disappear completely

Can a virgin have pid?

A virgin won't get PID.

What causes pid in males?

Males do not get PID.

Does syphilis cause PID?

Syphilis does not cause PID. The STDs that can cause PID are chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Is PID curable?

PID damage is not curable; the bacteria that caused PID can be treated.Antibiotics will be prescribed for the bacteria that caused the PID, but the damage can't be reversed.The damages of PID can't be reversed.Antibiotics will be prescribed for the bacteria that caused the PID, but damage can't be reversed.

How do you spell knowing?

That is the correct selling of the word "knowing" (having knowledge).

What will cure PID pelvic inflammatory disease?

PID can't be cured; the bacteria that caused PID can be cured.

What pathogen causes PID?

Bacteria causes PID.

How is PID passed to others?

PID is not passed to others.

How long should an IUD last before having pid?

IUDs do not cause PID. There are no health risks from leaving an IUD in place after its useful life, other than possible pregnancy in the case of a hormonal IUD.

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