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Which surface of a starfish is covered by tube feet

What body cavity would the mediastinum be located

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Who found the first plane what is their name

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What body cavity would the mediastinum be located

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Q: What is the dangers in the starfish habite?
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Related questions

How do you say in French language. live in?

to live = habite to live in = habite dans (?)

What are the dangers in a starfish life?

losing a limb. but they grow them back of course.and drying up on shorelines. =)

What does habite dans mean in English?

habite dans means live in

What does it mean Ou habite-ti?

où habite-t'il means "where does he live" in French.

What does 'habite depuis' mean?

The phrase 'habite depuis' means reside since. In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'habite' means '[I/he/she/it] dwells, inhabits, lives, resides'. The adverb/preposition 'depuis' means 'since'.

Sophie habite a londres elle est?

Si Sophie habite à Londres elle est Londonienne

How do you say she lives in in French?

elle habite à (town name), elle habite en (country name)

What does ou est-ce qu'elle habite mean in french?

"Where does she live?" Breakdown: Ou (where) est-ce que (does) elle (she) habite (live)?

What does Peter habite au Pays de Galles mean in English?

Peter habite au pays de Galles > Peter lives in Wales

What are the ratings and certificates for L'assassin habite--- au 21 - 1942?

L'assassin habite--- au 21 - 1942 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:15

What does elle habite mean in english?

She lives

He Lives in in french?

il habite à

Where is a penguins habite?

down in the cold climates

What is je' habite in English?

It means- I live...

How do you spell habite?

h a b i t

What does Pierre habite ร  la mean in English?

Pierre habite à la (+ a place having a feminine noun, such as maison, ville, campagne) means 'Pierre lives in ...' in English.

How do you say staying in french?

habite en france

What does j habite means in English?

I live (somewhere)

What does habite en France mean?

I live in France

What is 'where is she living' in french?

Ou est elle habite

What does habite dans mean in french?

It means "live in."

How do you say 'where does he live' in French?

Ou habite-il?

What does j habite a belfast mean?

'I live in Belfast'

Definition of tu habite tu?

tu habite tu you live you ==== Unless, of course, the question was meant to quote, "Oùhabites-tu?"--in which case it means, "Where do you live?"

What does habite mean in French?

"habiter" means "to live, to dwell"