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It is usually called "dark meat." It is the meat of the turkey which is higher in fat.

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What is dark meat on a turkey called?

It's called dark meat. It could also be called the leg or the thigh.

Is there a turkey with just dark meat?

No, there is not all turkeys have dark and white meat :)

Is the leg of turkey red meat?

No, the turkey leg would be considered "dark meat."

Which side of the turkey has the juiciest meat?

The juiciest meat is the dark meat - leg, thigh, wing. The driest meat is the breast meat, also called the white meat.

Is a turkey wing white or dark meat?

Typically the turkey wing and breast are considered white meat while the leg and thigh are considered dark meat.

What causes dark meat and light meat in parts of a chicken or turkey?

the muscle in the chicken that moves more is dark meat

Is wild turkey all dark meat?

no its not always dark meat there is some white and dark so the answer to that question is no its not. <there is a varierty>

Does white turkey meat cook faster than dark turkey meat?

I believe that dark meat would cook faster since it contains more fat and heat is attracted to fat.

Why do turkeys have light and dark meat?

They have light and dark meat because the parts of the animal turkey are different every inch of its body, so when it is cooked the turkey food has different colors.

Which turkey meat is made of slow twitch muscle fibers?

Muscle fibers when cooked are dark meat.

Dark turkey meatis their a dye in it?

No. The darker meat is the muscle that was more commonly exercised when the turkey was still alive.

What is the difference between white and dark meat in a chicken?

The difference between white and dark meat in a chicken or turkey is that the dark meat muscles move more rapidly (running) and the white meat muscles move more slowly. The dark meat has more myoglobin so the muscles can allow the chicken or turkey to run further and longer. The white meat has less because they only need a small amount of myoglobin for short bursts of energy.

How much iron does turkey have?

Generally it doesn't have much iron but dark meat has ALOT more then white meat.

What is turkey based meat?

Turkey based meat is meat that is not fully turkey but contains turkey. This meat likely contains more turkey than other meats.

Does turkey meat have dietary iron?

Yes, but it's not especially high in iron. Dark meat would have greater amounts of iron than white meat.

How many calories are in one pound of lean turkey meat?

In raw and cooked there are:approx 480 calories in one pound of raw white turkey meat with the skin removedapprox 560 calories in one pound of raw dark turkey meat with the skin removedapprox 608 calories in one pound of cooked turkey breast with the skin removed before eatingapprox 832 calories in one pound of cooked turkey dark meat with the skin removed before eating.

Is turkey good?

The answer to this question is a matter of opinion. Some people like the taste of turkey, and some people do not. Personally, I think turkey is very good, and my favorite is dark meat. It's more moist than the white meat of the turkey. But that, too, is a matter of personal opinion and you may like the white meat better.

What are the release dates for The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show - 1995 What a Turkey Light or Dark Meat There Are Spiders All Over Me 1-13?

The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show - 1995 What a Turkey Light or Dark Meat There Are Spiders All Over Me 1-13 was released on: USA: 27 March 1995

What is the meat of poultry called?

The meat of poultry is generally called the type of poultry being referred to, such as chicken, duck, turkey, etc.

Is turkey white meat?

Yes turkey is white meat

What is the meat in a hot dog called?

It is called meat but can be labeled by the type of meat in it such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, etc. In the processing plants it is ground into a paste and put into casings, in this case the meat is called paste.

What does a goose taste like?

A goose is a very greasy dark meat that tastes a bit like turkey

Does white meat from a turkey contain tryptophan?

Yes. The dark meat does as well in slightly higher quantities but it's a very small percent difference.

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