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According to the 2001 Ford Taurus owners manual that's the ( check fuel cap

warning light )

You can view the 2001 Ford Taurus owners manual online at :

www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces )

Click on Owner Guides


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The 1988 Ford Taurus turn signal flasher relay switch is located beneath the drivers side dashboard. The turn signal flasher relay switch will be above the brake pedal.

The flasher for a 1986-1995 Taurus is located under the dash on the drivers side. It is at the fuse panel.

...The Taurus turn signal relay and emergency flasher relay is located in the glove compartment under the fuse pannel access cover. Be advised that the Taurus has two fuse locations, one by the driver side foot kicker pannel and the glove compartment.

The turn signal switch is located on the left side of the steering column just behind the steering wheel. It also controls Headlights, Hi/Lo beam and cruise control.

Multifunction switches are located in the steering column. It's the turn signal, cruise control, headlights, wiper, etc lever. In different vehicles they have different functions.

It's the the turn signal switch that controls the Cruise Control Assembly. Therefore any problem to the Turn Signal switch affects the whole road safety.

The 1989 Taurus has larger headlights separate from the turn signal(corner lamp) The 1993 Taurus has more slender headlights joined to the corner lamp.

on the turn signal lever it is a small slide switch

replace your mutifunction switch (your signal light switch, your high beam and flash to pass are worn out )

Where is the signal flasher located on a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera?

where is turn signal relay located at 1989 mercury sable

It may be a safety feature on your car. If you are going to make a turn you for sure do not want the cruise to be engaged.

The turn signal fuses are located in the fuse box. The turn signal fuses will be in the second column, third from the top.

On a Ford Taurus : The multifunction switch is INSIDE the steering column cover The turn signal lever and hazard flasher button stick outside of the cover

Signal Mountain is located just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee.

To use the cruise control on the PT Cruiser, turn the cruise control on in the steering wheel. Accelerate to the desired speed and push in the end of the left turn signal knob. The cruise control should then control the speed. To take the car out of cruise control, a person can tap the brake.

were is the turn signal located in a 2000 ford escort zx2

Turn signal what: front bulb; rear bulb; flasher unit; fuse???See "Related Questions" below for each

it's the turn signal,wiper,washer,cruise,and emergency switch all in one.

Yes, as long as there is a tower to pick up the signal (and if you're willing to pay the charges).

The signal light switch is part of the multifunction switch on the steering column.

Check your bulb, In the rear of the Generation 4 Ford Taurus, they use a single Dual filament bulb for the marker, turn signal, and brake functions. Chances are your bulb is burnt out and needs replacement.

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