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What is the date of Independance Day?

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Independence Day in the US is celebrated on July 4. In Canada, their Independence Day is called Canada Day and is celebrated on July 1. Other countries celebrate their Independence Days on other days, usually on the anniversary of the day they gained their independence.

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What day is independance day on?

4 July ... the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776

What date is the Day of Independence?

Independance day was July 4th, 1776. Now a-days in America we celebrate it July 4th.

Independance day celebrates independance from who?

It celebrates the United States independence from Brittain.

What are ideas for an Independence Day party?

cook for independance day

What is the origin of independance day?

The origin of independance day is an ignorance of correct spelling. An independence day is usually the anniversary of the day on which one community (usually a nation) gained independence from another.

What is written on the book in the hands of the statue of liberty?

the date of independance

Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?

We celebrate fourth of July because 4th of July is actually independance day witch is the day we got our freedomIt is the adoption date of the Declaration of Independence !

When do you celebrate independance day?

On the 4th of July.

What is independance?

the day when a country becomes independent

What are the ratings and certificates for Inside 'Independance Day' - 1996 V?

Inside 'Independance Day' - 1996 V is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

What date did congress adopt the declaration of independance?

July 4 1776

When is india's independance day?

15 August 1947

What historical events happened in Madagascar?

independance day

Why is it important to us to celebrate the Independence Day?

Because it is the day we got independance

Independence Day of Pakistan is on?

Pakistan was created on the 14th of August,1947.Pakistan's independance day is celebrated on 14th August, however India celebrates its independance on the 15th of August

How do you say independance day in spanish?

Day of the Independence = Día de la independencia

Independence Day of Malaysia?

the last day of august is Merdeka or Malaysia independance day. august 31st

Cambodia celebrates its independence from France on what date?

Cambodia got independance from France in 1953

What year did the 13 colonies declare there independance from Britain?

The date was July 4, 1776.

When was Independence Day made?

July 4th 1786. The day we got INDEPENDANCE from great britain

Who thought Americans should always celebrate independance day?

How and when did Iceland gain its independence?

17th June is the independance day of Iceland. independance day is the major annual event in Iceland. Here independance day is celebrated by processions, dancing in the streets, in the parks and at the schools. On 17th June, 1944 Iceland gained full freedom from Denmark. As it was the Birthday of Jon Sigurosson 17th June was also chosen as the independance day of iceland. The major figure of the culture of Iceland was Jón Sigurðsson. He was the leader of 19th century's Independent Movement in Iceland.

What is the independence date of the united kingdom?

The United Kingdom has never needed to gain independance from anyone.

When do mlb players wear the stars and stripes hats?

memorial day, independance day, veterans day, 9/11

Important dates in July?

4th- independance day... grace marys b-day! Lov ya!