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You will have to call S&W

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Impossible to answer without the serial number. You will have to call S&W

Depending on condition, $150-$400.

You have a Chief's Special. Model numbers were not used unitl @ 1957. Value can range from 75-650 USD

you pull back the slide and yank up the slide and viola its dissasembled

Impossible to age without a sn. value range from 10-500 USD

y Go to the S&W website and request or download a manual. Either way, it's free.

Your Smith and Wesson model 37 chiefs special airweight will bring 450 dollars in new unfired condition.It may bring more if the buyer is really motivated.

With no other information supplied, 100-500.

the Pine tree Chiefs were elected by the clan mother, because of their special skills.

In 1950 was the only year that the .38 cal. Model 36-1 was produced. It has a 3" heavy barrel and is named as a Chiefs Special.

Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory. It could have been made a few weeks to a year or more before. 100-400 USD

The chiefs of the local tribes gathered for a meeting.I will inform the chiefs.

Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory. It could have been made anywhere from a week to a year before. 100-400 USD. If you want the history, it will cost you 50 USD to get a letter from S&W

yes the cheyenne did have chiefs

Chief's I assume. If you are referring to an item of a group of chiefs, you would use chiefs'

Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson states that model number stamping began in 1957 & 'J' prefix s/n's started in 1969. The s/n you ask about was made between 1973-1974. If it does not have a 'J' prefix or model # stamped then the year you state would be correct. Catalog value in 2006 was $100 (Poor) to $425 (NIB) but prices are going up fast, especially on the short barrel Smith's like yours.