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What is the deadliest flower?


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August 03, 2010 11:49PM

Well, I don't think that the deadliest flower had been decided yet but I know some deadly flowers, and those are; The White Oleander, Belladonna, Foxglove's, Autumn Crocus, Angel Trumpets, Rhododendron, Lily of the Valley, Wisteria, Hydrangea, Butter Cups, and if you were to eat the inside bulbs which carry poison.

All varieties contain the alkaloid poison lycorine, which is potentially deadly if taken in sufficient quantities. In May 2009 a group of primary school children became ill after adding a Daffodil bulb to some soup in cookery class.

This is a good answer but it can be narrowed down to the Belladonna and the Autumn Crocus....Just one Belladonna can kill a healthy adult, and I say Autumn Crocus because there is NO antidote