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What is the deal with the Altering Cave in Pokemon Emerald?

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its pointless unless you like zubat

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What does ex mean on Pokemon cards?

Ex is the series of Pokemon cards that primarily deal with Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

How do you get a ice ticket in Pokemon emerald?

Its like mirage island,once and a lifetime deal.

What is the deal with the cave on outcast island Pokemon leafgreen?

There is nothing but zubat in there but if you have an E reader and E reader cards apparently you can make more Pokemon appear in the cave.

How do you trade between Pokemon emerald and Pokemon leafgreen if I didnt beat the elite four in Pokemon emerald?

you can't ______________ No, I'm afraid not... you have to get the rainbow ticket (which you DO get ingame) and sail to some islands to deal with team rocket again... its boring, but the effort's worth it.

How do you find Mewtwo in Pokemon Red?

beat elite 4 then go to the cave in cerulean city big deal

How do you get past the wailmers on Pokemon emerald?

beat team magma. after releasing gourdon, go to slateport. deal with team aqua. then, go to their hideout.

How do you evolve a feebas in Pokemon emerald?

Feebas evolves into miltioc with a great deal of beauty, you must give it Pokenblock's which boost the beauty stat

What to do at ancient cave paintings Pokemon diamond?

In order to get past the ancient cave paintings in Pokémon Diamond, you'll need to go deal with Team Galatic's HQ in Veilstone. Once you've cleared the HQ the ancient cave paintings should be gone and you'll be able to progress further.

Which area of physics deal with how the shape of a cave affects an echo?


Pokemon time the hardest difficulty level?

Here's the deal the starter Pokemon you choose decides your difficulty level, for example in firered if you choose charmander you will be on hard mode, ruby/sapphire and emerald torchic will be on hard mode for heartgold chikorita for diamond it would be chimchar.

Can you get both latis on Pokemon emerald without mixing records with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

yes but you have to go to an event to get the eon ticket or go on eBay and buy the eon ticket but you also have to buy a scanner type deal to hook up to your gba and download it onto the game

Where do you vfind regigigas on diamond vesrion?

well first you need to either get a bunch of cheats or if you have Pokemon Sapphire,ruby,or emerald catch the rejis there once you've succsesfully caught them all you need the national dex in Pokemon diamond to unlock the pal parck. take out your DS put Sapphire,ruby, or emerald in when you start the game and you see the opsion's continue game,newgame ETC there is a choice that says migrate Pokemon emerald or the other two chooze it then it will open the PC from the three of the games choose the rest of the Pokemon you want to migrate and the rest is for you to deal with PS. go to snowpoint the big collosium ..............You have no life

Which Pokemon has the lowest speed?

If you were talking about brain speed and you were a Pokemon it would be you. Deal with it.

Is Pokemon all about ash in a coma?

No. Pokemon has to deal with Ash and Picachu battling it out with other Pokemon trainers.

What is the importance of Destroyers for bases deal?

Bats always fly left when exiting a cave.

What are the release dates for Jake and the Never Land Pirates - 2011 Hook Seals a Deal The Emerald Coconut 1-13?

Jake and the Never Land Pirates - 2011 Hook Seals a Deal The Emerald Coconut 1-13 was released on: USA: 18 March 2011

What can a fire type Pokemon beat?

A Fire-type Pokemon can deal 2x the damage to Grass, Ice, Bug, and Steel-type Pokemon.

Where do you catch strong electric Pokemon in Pokemon black?

This is optional. You can get a Pokemon from the Wild at any level and breed it to make it level 1 and EV it. So it really depends on how you deal with your Pokemon.

Who is the legendary in challengers cave in white?

Umm.... ive done everything on white and black and there is no such thing as "challengers cave" and if there was there would be NO legendary there Challenger's cave is off Route 9. Regarding the actual question, it doesn't have a legendary, just some trainers, Pokemon, and some items. One of those is the TM stone edge. I noticed how the trainer said there was a legendary in there... Maybe it has to deal with an event later on? I KNOW that cave couldn't be that small. After you encounter Cobalion and Virizion, you can find Terrakion, I think. Not true, Terrakion is found in Victory Road. It is true that people outside and also within the cave talk about a legendary in that cave, but there's definitely none in there for the time being. As mentioned previously, an event Pokemon is likely to be there, either Keldeo, Meloetta, or Genesect. it is apparently where keldeo appears when you have an item or Pokemon of some sort. that, however, is yet to be revealed. Um, I don't know, but another answer I saw is saying about the regi family. You need the relic statue, though. But, I don't know, so it might be a hack. -evanrocks08

Can someone tell you where the sky plate is in Pokemon diamond it's the last plate i need?

as you come out of the cave go to the backwall. take 11 steps left then 4 steps up theu shuld be at the end of the grass then press a so you found big deal

How is fighting super effective on rock in Pokemon diamond?

ít's pokemon, there is no explanation for that. just deal with the fact that fighting is super effective against rock type pokemon

Do you need more than one of the same game on gba to play multiplayer?

Here's the deal you need two versions of Pokemon two gba's or gbasp's and a gba to gba link cable or if you have firered, leafgreen and emerald wireless adapters once you have all this all you need to do is go upstairs at any Pokemon center and talk with the ladies up there they will take you to the trade center, colosseum, record corner (ruby, sapphire and emerald only), berry crush (firered and leafgreen and emerald only with wireless adapters), the union room(firered and leafgreen and emerald only with wireless adapters). Also if you have firered and leafgreen and emerald you can find a special game corner where you can play games like Pokemon jump (up to 2 players minimum) and dodrio berry pick up (up to 5 players and 3 minimum plus you need a dodrio) but only with the wireless adapter. Also in ruby, sapphire and emerald in the contest halls you can play with friends on the berry blender to blend berries together the pokeblocks will be shared with each player you can play with up to 4.

How many packs are in a Pokemon tin?

There are 4. You can hold lots of pokemon cards in the tin itself, so it's a great deal.

Code to get mewthree on Pokemon Pearl?

Ok here is how you get him... HE IS NOT REAL!! DEAL WITH IT DUDE!! that is all :)

Will a Pokemon game be in xbox 360?

i don't think there would be seeing as Nintendo don't have a deal with Microsoft (i think) so there might be 1 only if they had a deal