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sperm whale i know this from watching the most extream epicode: is divers, it is on animal planet hope this helped :)

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Largest living sea creature?

The largest living sea creature is the Blue Whale.

What is a coral a fish or a plant?

A coral is a sea creature. A fish is also a sea creature. A plant can be a land or sea creature. All are LIVING THINGS!

What sea is the deepest?

The deepest sea the Carribean sea....

What is the biggest living sea creature?

blue whale

Is the seahorse the lowest creature in the sea?

no!! the lowest living thing in the sea is a fish

Which sea creature stay in the deepest ocean water at times goes as deep as 7000 meters?

boty lid

What is the world's largest living creature?

The worlds largest living creature is the whale. A mammal that lives in the sea. I think the biggest breed is the blue whale.

What deep-sea creature is concidered a living fossil?


What is the creature living the deepest in the ocean?

There are still plenty of species down there we have yet to discover, but a couple are the Sperm Whale and the angler fish.

Where is the dead sea at its deepest point?

yes, the Dead sea is the saltiest and deepest in elevation for a sea

What is a phytoplankton?

It is a living sea creature, specifically plankton consisting of microscopic plants.

Is the sea turtle a sea creature?

not only a sea creature

What is the deepest sea in the Philippines?

the deepest sea in the philippinesIN MINDORO SEA 35+THOUSAND FEET..... SECOND IN MINDANAO....

Is red sea the deepest ocean?

no the red sea is a sea it is not an ocean . it is the Pacific ocean that is the deepest ocean in the world .

What is the deepest sea and ocean?

Caribbean Sea (22,788 ft) (6,946 meters) is the deepest sea.Pacific Ocean (35,837 ft) (10,924 meters) is the deepest ocean.

What sea creatures is in deepest part of the ocean?

There are some pretty weird creatures living at the bottom of the sea, the most famous is the giant squid.

How deep is the deepest sea in the world?

The deepest sea in the world is Pacific Ocean (35,837 ft).

What is the rarest creature in the sea?

A Megalodon shark (biggest still living dinosauric species)

What is the deepest sea called?

The deepest sea in the world is the Carribean Sea. While, Mariana trench in the pacific Ocean is deeper, its part of the ocean, and not a sea.

What is a sea bunny?

A sea bunny, or sea hare, is an underwater creature that is a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite is a living thing with two sexes inside one body.

What is a sea creature that starts with a?

Abalone is a sea creature that starts with A.

Is plankton a single celled sea creature or a unicelled sea creature?

single unicellular creature

What is the deepest sea in asia?

The deepest sea in Asia is the South China Sea with a depth of 16,456 feet (5,016m). This sea lays southeast of mainland China.

Where do cockles live?

cockles live at the beach and they are a type of shell that can sometimes have a sea creature living in them

Deepest sea port?

deepest see port Indian or Pakistani