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What is the definition for china clipper?

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Carol Nay has written: 'Timmy rides the China clipper' -- subject(s): China Clipper (Airplane)

Normi Kwong - football player, Edmonton Eskimos, mid-1950s, called the China Clipper, check Wikipedia for more

fast cargo transportation primarily tea from china to England

Transoceanic routes to the Caribbean and Latin America

Positive clipper-the clipper which removes the positive half cycles of the input voltage, while the negative clipper the clipper which removes the negative half cycles of the input voltage.

a clipper that is negative

China Blue High-definition Disc was created in 2007.

China Clipper - 1936 was released on: USA: 11 August 1936 (New York City, New York) USA: 22 August 1936 Finland: 14 February 1937 France: 5 March 1937 Denmark: 17 May 1937

John 'Clipper' Smith was born on 1904-12-12.

John 'Clipper' Smith died on 1973-05-11.

Clipper ships were first built in about the 1850s.

The first clipper ships were English.

Description of a Standard Nail Clipper

Clipper Magazine was created in 1983.

The population of Clipper Magazine is 1,400.

The population of Clipper Windpower is 740.

Maurice J. 'Clipper' Smith died on 1984-03-18.

Maurice J. 'Clipper' Smith was born on 1898-10-15.

It's called that because it can clips nails. That's why it's called the nail clipper.

The Baltimore Clipper was made around the 1750s.

Donald Mckay invented the clipper ship.

Donald Mckay invented the clipper ship:)

you are not going to catch HIV from a clipper.

Joe DiMaggio was nicknamed the Yankee Clipper.

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