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What is the definition for the word non-repeating decimals?

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Non-repeating decimals is not a word but a phrase.

Non-repeating decimals are Irrational Numbers.

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To add the two decimals together

no, it is an infinetly nonrepeating decimal

The property is the same, whether you work with integers, decimals, or fractions.

Non terminating repeating decimals would be such as 0.3333333 where the 3 could continue on forever.

If a number consists of a series of non repeating and non terminating digits then it is irrational.A particularly well known example is that of pi (which is an irrational number representing the proportion between the diameter of a circle and its circumference).

A decimal with a continuously repeating digits or group of digits

When people say decimals, they generally mean numbers following(after) a decimal point, seen as the same symbol as a period (.)

The quotient of 5 and negative 30 is both. Rational numbers and integers include many of the same numbers. Integers are positive and negative counting numbers, but rational numbers include nonrepeating decimals and fractions.

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Equivalent decimals means that two decimal are having the same value.

A decimal number that has digits that do not go on forever.Example: 0.25

It is the multiplication of numbers where one or more of the multiplicands is in decimal form.

Integers by definition do not have any decimals, so that is impossible.

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Repeating decimals consist of a fixed string of digits which repeat infinitely in the decimal representation of a number. These may start anywhere after a finite number of digits.

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