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'Hoard' means a hidden accumulation. So hoarded would mean that you have accumulated certain items and hidden them.

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What is a sentence for hoarded?

People hoarded food after the disaster and wouldn't share with their neighbors.

What are the release dates for Hoarded Assets - 1918?

Hoarded Assets - 1918 was released on: USA: 23 December 1918

Is a hawthorn a heavy-hoarded tree?

no. it is not

What occumulated means?


What is the past tense of hoard?

The past tense of hoard is hoarded.

How can you use the word hoard in a sentence?

I hoarded my Phone, so my brothers can't find it.

Hoarded in a sentence?

She hoarded canned food; her house was full of cans--cans on the furniture, cans on the floor--so many cans that she could barely walk through her house and slept curled up in a recess in a giant wall of cans.

Use hoard in a sentence?

I hoarded my candy so my sister and brother wouldn't take it and eat it.

What happened to silver quarters after 1964?

Most were hoarded as bullion, along with dimes and half dollars.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hoarded Assets - 1918?

The cast of Hoarded Assets - 1918 includes: Betty Blythe as Claire Dawson Robert Gaillard as Detective Ryan George Majeroni as James Barr Jean Paige as Patsy Bernard Siegel as Undetermined Role

How many boards did the mongols hoard?

The mongols hoarded as many boards as they could hoard if they could hoard boards.

How do you use the word resources as an direct object in a sentence?

The country hoarded resources. I had more resources than I realized.

What is the chickadee's food?

A wide range of insects, seeds and nuts. In the winter it will be eating both the seeds and insects that was hoarded in the summer.

What is A single unit of predecimal currency hoarded is the equivalent of a similar pecuniary token received as wages?

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Where are all the 1959 pennies?

Because 1959 was the first year of the Lincoln Memorial design after 50 years of "wheaties", people hoarded many of them.

1979 susan b anthony dollar worth?

It is worth only $1. Many were produced and they have no collector value because they were widely hoarded.

Why did the viking attack churches mostly?

Two reasons. First and foremost, Christians hoarded gold in the churches and monasteries. Secondly, they were easy targets.

How Jacob Marley and Scrooge different from each other?

Marley would spend on a life style whilst Scrooge didnt and hoarded his money

Can you collect lacrosse cards?

Yes you can, but I have lived with many series of cards and I now live with 17 cats and my house is hoarded with cards. I would suggest not to.

What are some past tense verbs starting with the letter H?

hated helped held had hid hoarded hosed honed hovered hatched hoped

Where are jewels of Queen Elizabeth today?

They are hoarded in a room with tons of other monster gems all pretty much from other countrys they overthrew and enslaved.

Is the definition of dictionary in a dictionary?

The definition of "dictionary" is in the dictionary, and so is the definition of "definition".

Why did some countries begin to hoard gold?

Some nations hoarded gold to make their currency more valuable so that their producers could buy raw materials at lower prices.

What is the definition of stipulative?

stipulative definition is stipulative definition

What is the definition of basalt?

what is the definition for basalt what is the definition for basalt