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What is the definition of 'magazine cover'?


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it means that when you look at a magazine before you open it up you will see the magazine cover

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The design of cover and layout of a magazine.

Cover Magazine was created in 2001.

Yes, Oprah is always on the cover of Oprah magazine. It is her magazine.

To evaluate a magazine cover start by looking at the layout of the cover. Evaluate the pictures as well as the print to determine if the cover is acceptable.

in what magazine cover did chris brown apear on first?

Generally the cover page can be defined as the page which covers. Similarly... the magazine cover page can be defined as the page which covers the magazine from outside and which will be the front looking page to us.

Oprah is on every cover of O Magazine because it is hers!

go to google type in seventeen magazine cover, secound page fisrt row

Jack Dempsey was the first athlete to appear on the cover of Time magazine.

a cover line is a cover.........

Juliana Daniell appears on the June 2013 cover of Prevention magazine. She has appeared on the magazine a couple of times before.

Articles and adds are in the magazine. The cover is on the magazine. (The curious cat may be on the magaizne as well, but he'll soon be dead.)

Hillary Clinton has appeared the most often on a Timemagazine cover.

the same as any white president wife have bin on any cover magazine

Richard Nixon appeared on the cover of Time magazine 64 times.

The cover story of a magazine is the story that is prominently advertised on the front cover.

The Girl on the Magazine Cover - 1940 was released on: USA: 15 June 1940

Depends. If you only glanced a something on the cover, then it's ON the magazine, but if you actually opened the magazine and read about it, it's IN the magazine. Make sense?

It is very important because that story is what sells the magazine

masthead , cover lines , puff , skyline

When a model gets his/her picture taken to be put on the cover of a magazine

its the magazines anus!

National Geographic was the first magazine to publish a hologram on its cover in March of 1984. It was the holographic image of an eagle.

The cast of The Girl on the Magazine Cover - 1940 includes: Millard Mitchell as Photographer

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