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Q: What is the definition of Charitable Donation 5-3-09?
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Related questions

Where can I find information on charitable boat donation?

There are plenty of websites out there regarding charitable boat donation. Check donate your Boats with causes has a lot of information on charitable boat donation.

What charitable organization in Seattle will accept a vehicle donation? is a charitable organization in Seattle will accept a vehicle donation. You can also go to

What amount can I deduct from my taxes for a charitable car donation?

You can deduct about 500 dollars through car donation

What is the importance of a charitable donation?

The importance of a charitable donation is to help those who are needy and less fortunate. Charitable donations have given aid to victims of natural disasters such as the Asian tsunamis and devastating hurricanes that hit the United States. Charitable donations have also been cited as a way to manage stress and anxiety.

What is it called when you give money away to charitable orgainzations or people?

It is to make a donation.

What is the maximum tax deduction for a donation to charity?

The maximum tax deduction for donation given to a charitable organization is $25,000 but this number changes all the time.

What kind of charitable donation might include a car as a prize?

The kind of charitable donation that might include a car as a prize is the kind that aims to get quite a large sum of donations. Giving the car as a prize may be a way to show appreciation.

Who was the gentleman visitor in A Christmas Carol?

He was a businessman seeking a charitable donation to help the poor at Christmas

Why did the two men visit Scrooge Christmas carol?

They were seeking a charitable donation to help the poor

How did Scrooge disappoint the two men who visited his office?

Refused them a charitable donation to help the poor

Who went to the countinghouse to visit Scrooge?

Fred his nephew and two portly gentlement who were seeking a charitable donation

how do you donate to a charitable organization?

You can contact the individual charitable organization about making a donation to them, or sometimes fundraisers for the organization are held locally where you can pledge a donation. Some stores host fundraising booths and also schools often have students go door-to-door to raise money for charities.

What does the large man want from Scrooge?

The "portly gentleman" was seeking a charitable donation to help feed the poor at Christmas.

Are chocolate bars exempt from the PST portion of HST in BC?

Not unless they are bought as a charitable donation or gift. So no.

Is 5309 a prime number?

Yes 5309 is a prime number.

Which charitable organisations will accept a donation of cars?

Numerous charitable organizations will accept vehicle donations. These include certain branches of Goodwill and even American Red Cross at certain times of year.

Which tax form is used for recording donations?

Charitable donations are place on Schedule A of form 1040. If the donations are noncash donations, the donation should be placed on form 8283 - Noncash Charitable Contributions.

Who came to visit Scrooge in his counting house?

Fred, his nephew, and 2 businessmen seeking a charitable donation for the sick and needy.

Which charitable organizations will pick up a junk car donation from my home in Indianapolis?

Car Angel ( will do this anywhere in the country.

In A Christmas Carol who came to visit Scrooge at work?

Fred his nephew, two portly gentlemen ask for a charitable donation

What is the definition of kindness?

The virtue of doing a charitable deed for someone else.

What is the difference between contribution and donation?

Contribution is generally associated with a gift to a common fund or collection whereas donation refers to a gift to a charitable organization. Money given to political campaigns are contributions (not donations) and money or tangible items given to the Salvation Army or another charitable organization are donations (not contributions.)

Which charitable organizations accept the donation of a used car?

Charitable organizations that accept donations of used cars include Charity Car Canada, Donate A Car, Charity Navigator, and Canadian Diabetes Association.

What exactly are charitable organizations?

A charitable organization is a not-for-profit entity with 501 c 3 tax exempt status that provides medical, educational, religious or other services. Donations to charitable organizations are generally tax-deductable if no goods or services were received in exchange for the donation.

What is considered to be charitable donations?

A charitable donation is the giving of any good, service, or monetary measure from a person or organization to a non-profit organization or charity, without expecting or receiving any personal gain. Ironically, many charitable donations are eligible for tax deductions.

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