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The abbreviation OMG means OH MY GOD, OH MY GOSH, or OH MY GOODNESS. OMG is an acronym that means oh my gosh or oh my god.
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What is omg?

"OMG" is an abbreviation for "oh my gosh" or "oh my God". and you can say that if you want to.

What does 'OMG' mean?

It mean Oh My God , or Oh My Gosh or Oh My Goodness or Oh My Goldfish! Okay I made the goldfish one up.....

What does omg stand for?

OMG stands for: . oh my god . oh my goodness . OMG . oh my gosh . Orangez Mangoz gummiworms.

Who is the omg girls?

the omg girls is star beauty and babydoll i dont know them but i listen to there music they can really sing but all u haters can hate weird ppl these days

Who are the omg girls?

The OMG Girlz are a group made of Star (Zonnique), Beauty (Bahja), and Baby Doll (Breaunna). Star=15 Beauty=15 Baby Doll=16

Who are the omg girlz?

The omg girlz are Star, Beauty,and Baby doll which is a teen group of girlz that are sensational

Is OMG a acronym?

No, OMG is an abbreviation or an initialism. An acronym is spoken as a word, not just initials.

How do the omg girlz look now?

Zonnique has blue hair a nose piercing and is really tall, Breaunna has purple hair but started with brown then red,Bahja started out with black then eventually streaks then blonde,blonde and pink,pink,then pink and blue streaks on bangs. she has a belly-button piercing.

How old do you have to be to play omg pop?

There is ACTUALLY an age rescriction for Omgpop. You have to be at least 13 years old. Now, whoever said that first answer is a dumbo, giving out wrong information.

What is omg girlz real name?

Oh my God Girls *Person above me. Actually, that's the wrong interpretation of OMG Girlz. Actually it's Officially Miss Guided Girls. Hope this helped! ~OfficallyHelping

What are the lyrics to OMG?

[will.i.am]: oh My oh My gosh i did it again, so I'm gone let the beat drop oh My gosh [usher]: baby let me.. baby let me.. baby let me.. [chorus]: baby let me love you down there's so many ways to love ya baby i can break you down there's so many ways to love ya i mean ( Full Answer )

Is Reginae still with the OMG girlz?

one reason people are saying is because her dad wanted a better education for her so he pulled her out. or ( dis is wat the articles r sayin) she had bad grades and needed to pull them up.

Where baby carter in omg girlz?

she was but im not sure if she is still in the omg girlz i think she got kicked out but i cant really answer that hope that gives you engouh info

What is the instruments used in OMG by usher?

The main instruments used by usher are vocals because he is a solo singer, he's not in a band. It really doesn't matter what song it is, most of the time the only instrument used is his vocals.

What is the omg girlz facebook page?

u can find all da details on da page OMG Girlz on facebook it 'as der twitter nd der facebook sum of dem migt NT work because dey av 2 many friends or because of sumfing eles trust me i tried it all day yesterday

The omg girls number?

Wikianswers does not divulge private or personal information, such as telephone numbers or addresses, for individuals.

Who is all in the omg girlz?

People in the OMG Girlz are : Zonnique aka Star, Reginae aka Baby Carter, Bahja aka Beauty and Lourdars aka Lolo.

Why did baby carter out of omg girlz?

because baby was no focous on school and her dad was making alot of money and they did need no more so that's why baby carter is not in the omg girlz but so can still write songs for them

Is baby carter out of omg girlz?

When Tiny notices the OMG Girlz becoming more like the WTF Girlz, the former Xscaper hires a vocal coach and a performance consultant to groom their showmanship, but Reginae still struggles to keep up. Baby Carter lags behind when it comes to the dance steps and falls flat vocally. In other word ( Full Answer )

Is omg girlz still together?

yes they are still omg girlz and they are still together but Lourdes a.k.a lolo ain't in the omg girlz because they looking for older girls because they feel like they don't want like little kis in the omg girlz and lolo didnt get kicked out it was just the best choice.Lolo and Reginae are doing som ( Full Answer )

Is reginae carter still in omg?

no she isn't because her father and her mother feel that she isn't doing sogood in school and her grades are poor so No she is not apart of the Omg girlz group anymore.

Who is omg girlz?

This teenage group that consists of Star (Zonnique Pullins),Beauty (Bahja Rodriguez) Babydoll (Breaunna Womack) . The start in 2009 on the tv show tiny and toya. It consisted Star,Beauty,Baby Carter (Reginae Carter) and Lolo (Lourdes Rodriguez).Tameka"Tiny"Harris (star mom) formed the group. OMG st ( Full Answer )

Why is regine not with the omg girlz?

Because Wayne and Toya thought that she should be more focused on school. That school should be her FIRST priority , THEN the omgirlz . :) Great parents. Although I wouldn't be to happy. AHA

Who is lolo in the omg girlz?

LoLo is Lourdez Rodriguez she is an african-american puerto rican rapper and singer. She started out in the omg girlz (Officially Miss Guided girlz). Her sister is currently in the group Bahja Rodriguez who's nickname is beauty. She is also the same descent as lolo but shows more African-American ge ( Full Answer )

How do you can use omg?

The word means Oh My God... You often use it texting, it would be used with irioni or with overdoing you're voice

Who made up the phrase OMG?

It's not a phrase, it's an abbreviation of "Oh My God." Peoplestarted using it as a shortcut on the internet

Is the omg girlz in the ninth grade?

no in 2010 lolo is in the 5th grade beauty is in 7th grade star is in the 8th grade and baby carter is in the 5th grade

Is omg girlz still a group?

Yes OmG girlz are still a group but LoLo (Lourdez rodriquez) and Baby carter (reginae carter) left because they are too young for such a mature group. But Zonnique and Baja still remain and added breaunna wilmack aka babydoll.

What the meaning 2 lol and omg?

Lol means laugh online, laugh out loud, lack of laughter Omg means oh my god, ohmygod. Just a reaction people put to make it sound like they care.

OMG stands for?

OMG stands for O h M y G od, O h M y G osh, O h M y G oodness and O ld M an G loom.

Did the omg girls break apart?

No they did not break apart just Lolo (lourdes) and Baby Carter (Reginae) is gone...well Tiny kicked them outta the group but for what reasons I dont know?!?

What rhymes with omg?

Bee, fee, he, key, lee, me, P, 3, V, we, ye, sea, Z, glee, tree, filigree, heresy, guarantee, ideally, celerity, agree, decree, conceivably, unbelievably, foresee, majesty, tyranny, infamy, villainy, soliloquy... R-E-S-P-E-C-T. XD

What is omg girLS NAMES?

Beauty real name is Bahja Star Real name is Zonnique Babydoll real name is Breaunna

What is the plural of OMG?

The plural of OMG or oh my god is OMGs or oh my gods. As in "oh my gods I believe in more than one god".

Is OMG a noun?

Oh my god, its slang, not a real word, it's a slang acronym. As slang, it's used as an exclamation.

Who is the OMG Girlz'?

Look up their song Gucci This and then u will never forget their name. That is how good they are

Who are omg girls?

the omg girls are a group of fantasic dancers which is star,beauty,babydoll they also made a great song which is gucci this (gucci that) to me they are really awesome for u other who doesnt like them something is really wrong with u i am not saying u r crazy or nothing u just should be ashamed cause ( Full Answer )

How do i be in the omg girlz?

You can't .They said they don't want anyone else and there fine . But the only way baby doll got in was because she was auditioning for years , and also no one else auditioned on time . and her uncle was able to call and get access to them . : ) but who says you cant try ?