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What is the definition of Types of Services and how important is it in an HCFA form?


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2005-03-08 21:08:00
2005-03-08 21:08:00

I didn't find the exact definition but this site gives you a pretty good start The HCFA is now CMS It appears VERY important. The different types of service on a 1500 help determine the rate in which the provider is reimbursed. It can be a in-patient hospital visit, clinic visit, out-patient services, etc... When billing on a 1500 claim form, this information is required or your claim will be denied...


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The HCFA is now the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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It is the form that is required for use when billing an insurance company for health care services given. It is used by all types of health care providers who are billing insurance.

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Can I print a HCFA form in Arizona

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Definition: The standard claim format used by health plans on which to consider payment to the medical provider.

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Hcfa 1500 --- providers ub04 --- hospitals and other medical facilities

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