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What is the definition of a critical person and what is an example?


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July 02, 2009 6:18PM

A critical person is someone who sees only the faults in other people, in many different aspects. It can be like appearance (even of themselves) or habits/characteristics of a person that that critical person finds unappealing. To be a critical person though, would mean you do this alot. Or you just down a situation all the time, finding the things wrong with it. A critcal person would point out "Your clothes don't match and they're too baggy"

Even though this is unnecessary and just hurts someones feelings. Or "Swimming is lame, and only stupid people swim" to a swimmer who has said nothing offensive first Or making a situation unpleasant: "This food is nasty, and it's so hot outside. I don't feel like being with you people" unnecessary and derogetory. There you are. All in all, don't be a critical person, and you're good.