What is the definition of a door leaf?

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The door leaf is the door itself and the path that it travels in, Its even hard for my teachers to explain so i put it how the ordinary man would. If you have a door and you open it towards you, then that is the leaf of the door. if it is a double door then it has two leafs. If you would tape a pencil to the botton of the door and swing it open, then the arc that it makes would be the leaf of the door.
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On seven island in the old ladys house the is a door being blocked by a box how do you get past it leaf green?

want to go in? Heres some instruction how. but i warn you it will ruin your game!!! 1. download a visual gameboy advance. 2. download a advance map program. 3. download a Pokemon firered or leafgreen. real instructions 1.Play Pokemon firered you get to seven island. 2.open Pokemon firere ( Full Answer )

What are Double leaf doors?

\nFrom what I have found, double leaf doors seem to be when a door is made up of two vertical panels which can both open/close. Please visit the link to see what I mean;\n. \nhttp://www.silvelox.co.uk/gallery-double-leaf-doors.html

What is a leaf?

A leaf is a part of a plant that is used to soak up water (along with the roots) and sunlight.

What is a door?

A door is an opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment, bywhich to go in and out; an entrance way.

What is the definition of 'you'?

Pronoun you second person, singular or plural,nominative or objective ( possessive determiner your , possessive pronoun yours , singular reflexive yourself , plural reflexive yourselves ) . ( subject pronoun ) The person spoken to or written to,as a subject.. Can you help us? You ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of that?

Conjunction that . Connecting noun clause (as involving reported speech etc.) . He told me that the book is a good read. . Connecting a subordinate clause indicating purpose . He must die that others might live. .

What is definite?

The word definite means well defined or clearly specified. For example, if I say I will visit you at 12:45 PM tomorrow, that is a definite time. If I say that I will visit you at some time in the future, that is not a definite time.

What does the leaf do?

Leaf is a food factory for a plant. In it food is prepared with the help of sunlight, carbon dioxide and chllorophyl. It also losses un used water by stomata

What is the definition for are?

Verb are . Second-person singular simple present tense of be . Mary, where are you going? . First-person plural simple present tense of be . We are not coming. . Second-person plural simple present tense of be . Mary and John, are you listening? . Third-person plural simpl ( Full Answer )

What is the definition for to?

TO : to means toward or for something (a goal), as indicated by the infinitive form of a verb. Example : "He was going to the city." Example : "He stepped forward to reach the door."

What is the definition of?

The Mayan civilization produced amazing advances in art, architecture, mathematics and astronomy. They are also the only pre-Columbian American civilization credited with a fully developed written language,

What is the definition of and?

1.Used as a function word to indicate connection or addition especially of items within the same class or type ; used to join sentence elements of the same grammatical rank or function. 2. Used as a function word to express logical modification, consequence, antithesis, or supplementary explanatio ( Full Answer )

How do you open the locked door on seven island where the old lady lives on Leaf Green?

though there is no true way to "open" the boxes, the door is linked to a "warp event". using an action replay pro cartridge, you can walk through the boxes. when you get upstairs, DO NOT SAVE THE GAME!!! there is a man, appears to be Archie from the ruby,sapphire,emerald series. talk to him. ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of of?

The word "of" is a preposition that introduces a quality, location, or content for a reference noun.

What is the definition for its?

"It" has a couple definition's, depending on what your talking about: . Belonging to it (used as a possessive adjective); Its is extremely rare as a pronoun, the pronoun it being very rarely stressed. ... . The Department of Information Technology Services. . Intelligent Transportation ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of on?

along: with a forward motion; "we drove along admiring the view"; "the horse trotted along at a steady pace"; "the circus traveled on to the next ... . indicates continuity or persistence or concentration; "his spirit lives on"; "shall I read on?" . in operation or operational; "left the oven on"; ( Full Answer )

What are doors for?

Well, it depends on what door you have. If you have a nice, small door, it is to make the house smell of fish. If you have a large door, it either means that you are wealthy man/woman, or you are my brother who owns the world's one and only door tree, which he needs to survive (I should explain. My ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of stem leaf and plot?

A stem and leaf plot is one type of histogram. A simple bar chart histogram show the frequency of data in certain ranges. The leaf and stem plot has the advantage of identifying both the frequency of the data in intervals and the data values that are in the intervals.. Two disadvantages to the plot ( Full Answer )

What definition sliding side door?

the sliding side door is a pocket in a completion string in offshore oil and gas drilling. this device gives you the opportunity to have communication between tubing and the csg annulus.

Door to door or door-to-door?

It depends on how you are using the words. If you say, "He sold the books door to door" you mean he sold them ffrom door to door. He is then a door-to-door salesman. The hyphens are put in because the words then become a compound adjective, describing the sort of salesman he is. It's the same co ( Full Answer )

What are leaf?

a leaf is a thing that falls from mean trees and then a leaf gets all crunchy and warm then you can serve it to your bro and a leaf can also be a type of thing that you can make mocha chi tea with

Inserted leaf in table top--definition?

Originally a table leaf was a hinged section on the end(s) of a table that could be folded up when the table needed to be lengthened to accommodate more people, but folded down when not in use to conserve space, such as a drop-leaf table or a gate-leg table, the idea being that these hinged sections ( Full Answer )

What is the law definition of opening the Door?

It means that the door is open for anyone that thinks they can put the defendant behind bars. ANOTHER VIEW: It is a phrase that means that a new area, topic, idea, or strategy is being (or has been) introduced into the case as an entirely new element that must be considered.

How do you get a gold leaf in paper Mario the thousand year door?

I believe you have to kill an Amayzee Dayzee, which is a little difficult considering they run away from you. fast. They show up rarely and randomly with other enemies in battle (most commonly their relatives the Crayzee Dayzees) which is somewhat annoying for someone who wants to hunt them.

What is the definition of elodea leaf?

An Elodea Cell is a multi-celled cell. It has a cell wall, ploraplats, and Cytoplasm. It also moves and grows. It is an underwater plant with grass-like leaves.

What is the definition of door to door marketing?

Door to door marketing is a direct sales method involving a representative going from one door to the next in a neighborhood or building, either selling goods directly to the resident or providing product information in the form of flyers, coupons, brochures, etc. In the past it was more common for ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of the tomato leaf curl virus?

The tomato leaf curl virus is a yellowing and upward curling of leaves on a tomato plant. It is a viral infection that has been transmitted through whiteflies. It will affect fruit production.

Is it leafes or leafs?

it is leaves i like leaves i also like cheese but I'm not weird no I'm just strange but i don't like twigs.

What do the leafs do?

The main function of leaves is photsynthesis (converting sunlight into food for the plant), but they also release excess water through transpiration.

What is the definition for and?

Conjunction . Used to connect words of the same part of speech, clauses, or sentences that are to be taken jointly: "bread and butter".. Noun . A Boolean operator that gives the value one if and only if all the operands are one and otherwise has a value of zero..

What is the definition of so called closed-door sales?

Called closed-door sales refers to the process of making a sale. The sales sense springs from real estate, where closing is the final step of a transaction. In sales, it is used more generally to mean achievement of the desired outcome, which may be an exchange of money or acquiring a signature.

What is the definition of the word leaf?

'Leaf' is a part of a tree or bush, acting as the principal organ of photosynthesis. The name 'leaf' is also used for the pages of books.

Definition of a?

The definition of a is used when referring to someone or somethingfor the first time in a text or conversation.