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The door leaf is the door itself and the path that it travels in, Its even hard for my teachers to explain so i put it how the ordinary man would. If you have a door and you open it towards you, then that is the leaf of the door. if it is a double door then it has two leafs. If you would tape a pencil to the botton of the door and swing it open, then the arc that it makes would be the leaf of the door.

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What is the definition of leaves?

of Leaf, pl. of Leaf.

What is behind the door on pokemon sapphire?

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What is the definition of a seed leaf?

A cotyledon.

What is the definition of a smoke door?

a door that smoke can not enter

What do a door and a venus flytrap leaf have in common?

The hinge

How do you open the dotted hole door in Pokemon leaf green?


The definition of a double stem and leaf plot?


What is the definition of a stem and leaf graph?

The stem is the tens place, and the leaf is the ones. The leaf has a few choices. It's used to place a number.

What is the definition of a leaf cell?

A microscopic biologic organism within an individual leaf of a branch of a tree or plant.

What is the definition of petiole leaf?

It is the slender stalk by which the leaf is attached to the stem - in short, the leafstalk, or the stem or pedicle

What is the definition of the word leaf?

'Leaf' is a part of a tree or bush, acting as the principal organ of photosynthesis. The name 'leaf' is also used for the pages of books.

Definition of multiple-leaf chart?

multiple leaf chart shows the internal working parts of a machine.........

What is the definition of cotyledon?

The primary or seed leaf in the embryo of plants.

What is definition of outdoor game?

out door activities

Is leaf an organ?

Yes, cause leaf is made up of groups of different kinds of cells as the definition of organ suggests.

How do you get in the dotted hole in green leaf?

Stand in front of the door, and use Cut.

How do you enter dotted hole in Pokemon leaf green?

Use 'CUT' on the door.

What are the release dates for A Stone a Leaf an Unfound Door Rwake Live at Maryland Deathfest - 2013?

A Stone a Leaf an Unfound Door Rwake Live at Maryland Deathfest - 2013 was released on: USA: August 2013

What is the definition of the word fronds?

A frond is defined as a leaflike object such as a leaf from a fern or a leaf from a palm. A frond can also be defined as seaweed or lichen. A frond is also identified as a large compound of a leaf.

What is the mango leaf vascular or avascular?

A leaf, by definition, is vascular with xylem and phloem moving nutrients and byproducts to and from the leaves. The mango leaf has a leathery texture and looking at it from the top, the venation is pinnate, brachidodrome.

What is the definition of freight door?

A door for the passage of freight, usually much larger than the standard 36"x 82" personal door.

How do you get inside the dotted hole in Pokemon leaf green?

Use Cut on the door to open it.

Is 24 karat gold leaf pure gold?

Yes. By definition 24 karat gold is pure gold, no matter what form it is in (leaf, coin, bar, or jewelry).

What is the definition for the word exit?

To leave or depart from where you are now. Such as-->We shall exit through this door. Also as a noun it means the actual door used to leave by. Such as-->This door is the exit.

What is the standard commercial door width?

Minimum 32 inch. Maximum width of a swinging door leaf is 48 inch. Typically 36 inch installed.