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A floodplain is an area of low-lying ground adjacent to a river, formed mainly of river sediments and subject to flooding.🏄

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What was the importance of a floodplain?

the importance of a floodplain is a floodplain keeps from houses in front of a creek from washing away

What is a definition of river flooding?

It means a river whose waters have overflowed it's banks onto the adjacent floodplain.

How do you use floodplain in a sentence?

the floodplain was near my house.

What is a good sentence for floodplain?

I am uncomfortable, living in a floodplain...

What is the most famous floodplain?

Bachadeltaha Floodplain in South Africa

What is a sentence with the word floodplain?

Thankfully, the floodplain is dry right now.

What is the difference between the topographic floodplain and the hydrologic floodplain?

Hydrologic floodplain, the land adjacent to the baseflow channel residing below bankfull elevation. It is inundated about two years out of three. Not every stream corridor has a hydrologic floodplain.Topographic floodplain, the land adjacent to the channel including the hydrologic floodplain and other lands up to an elevation based on the elevation reached by a flood peak of a given frequency; for example, the 1-percent (100 year) floodplain.Another way to look at it, in an incising channel, that is to say that the river is cutting into valley, will create two floodplain benches, the lower and narrow one the hydrologic floodplain and the higher and much wider one the topographical floodplain.

How do you put floodplain in a sentence?

An example of a floodplain would be the land around Lake Superior

When was Culgoa Floodplain National Park created?

Culgoa Floodplain National Park was created in 1994.

What happens to the floodplain during a flood?

Hmm, let's think about this. Floodplain. Plain: A flat area of land. Flooded: Filled with water. So a floodplain gets filled with water,

What has the author Yao Yin written?

Yao Yin has written: 'Modifications to the upper Mississippi River and their effects on floodplain forests' -- subject(s): Floodplain forestry, Floodplain management

Can a floodplain be fertile?

yes it can

Where can a floodplain be found?

in water

Are floodplain deposits permanent?


What is a narrow floodplain?

a thing in a river

What is another word for floodplain?


How are floodplain made?

erosion and deposition

Flat land by a river?


How do you use the word floodplain in a sentence?

The Nile river has a wonderful floodplain, and the people that live there have no problems growing their crops. Hope that will help:)

Were is the floodplain in a river?

A floodplain, or flood plain, is flat or nearly flat land adjacent to a stream or river that experiences occasional or periodic flooding.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living on a floodplain?

Advantages = If you are a farmer, the soil on a floodplain is very rich and fertile. Disadvantages = Your house can be flooded and you lose everything.

What will happen to homes and buisnesses located in a floodplain?

The buildings would flood because if the river floods then the floodplain, a floodplain is flat land that is next to a river, made up of alluvium (sand, silt, and clay). When the river overflows, the floodplain is often under water,will/ would flood too, so if the land floods, then, the buildings and businesses on that land will flood too.

What is a flat land adjacent to rivers?


What is the flatland adjacent to river called?


When is a river's discharge generally the largest?

On its floodplain