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A hurricane is a severe tropical cyclone. In order to be a hurricane, the wind speeds must reach at least 74 mph (119 km). Category 5 hurricanes reach winds 156+ mph (251+ km). They generate copious rain, which can cause flooding, and the possibility of tornadoes when they near landfall.Hurricanes only form over warm seas, where the temperature is from 16°C to 27°C . This is the reason why they normally form only in the tropics. Rising hot air from the surface powers rapid air movement, which is extremely powerful as it swirls around in an anti-clockwise direction. The flow increases the drop of pressure within the storm. Rain, high winds, hail, and tornadoes are found in the clouds around the hurricane. The center (eye) of the storm is almost always clear of this activity. Tropical storms may reach a width of 80km to 650km.A powerful cyclonic storm that normally originates between the coast of Africa and the islands of the Caribbean Sea, but can form anywhere in the North Atlantic basin. Such cyclones are also called hurricanes in the eastern Pacific, but named "typhoons" in the West Pacific and Asia.A hurricane is a natural phenomenon that transfers excess heat from the tropics to the upper latitudes. The normal year-round process is by moist airflow, and only forms these extreme systems under specific circumstances.

A hurricane is a name given to a tropical cyclone. This massive atmospheric disturbance is centered on a large low pressure area, and circulating air masses will spawn thunderstorms that have strong winds and heavy rain. Links can be found below.

Origin of the Name
"Hurricane" is from the New World Spanish huracán.
The Taino Indian hurakán (evil spirit) may have originated with the Mayan language "Huraken" (God of Storms or bad weather).
A hurricane is a storm with violent winds that are equal to or exceed 74 miles per hour.

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Q: What is the definition of a hurricane?
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Definition of hurricane warning?

A Hurricane warning is the time of the storm

What is the definition of a hurricane rating?

An official report on the strength of a hurricane.

What is the Definition of less dense in a hurricane?

On the Beaufort Scales the definition of one less than a hurricane is a violent storm.

Was hurricane Katrina a warm or cold hurricane?

It was a warm hurricane. All hurricanes are tropical by definition.

why was hurricane Tomas called a hurricane?

Hurricane Tomas was called a hurricane because it was a tropical cyclone that produced sustained winds in excess of 74 mph, thus meeting the definition of a hurricane.

What is a hurricane with winds over 75 miles an hour?

By definition it is a hurricane. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with winds of 74 mph or more.

What is the definition of a category one hurricane?

A category 1 hurricane is a hurricane with sustained winds in the range of 74 to 95 mph.

What is the definition of Hurricane Katrina?

rapist of new Orleans

What is the definition of hurricane eye?

the eye is the weakest part of a storm

Can hurricanes cause snow?

Not hurricanes per se. By definition a hurricane is a tropical system. However, a hurricane can become a post-tropical cyclone and then produce snow, but at that point it is no longer considered a hurricane.

Which direction do the winds around a hurricane travel?

Since a hurricane is, by definition, a tropical cyclone in the northern hemisphere, winds in a hurricane rotate counterclockwise. Equivalent storms in the southern hemisphere have clockwise winds.

Which hurricane had a really strong wind?

All hurricanes have had very strong winds. By definition a hurricane must have sustained winds of at least 74 mph.

How is a hurricane similar to a vortex?

A hurricane is a kind of vortex. A vortex can be defined as a spiral motion of fluid (liquid or gas) withing a limited area, especially such as motion that pulls in things near it. A hurricane meets this definition.

What is another word for the definition the center of a circular storm like a hurricane?

The eye of the storm

Can cold hurricanes form?

There are cold weather storms similar to hurricanes that can pack hurricane fore winds. But such storms are not considered hurricanes as by definition a hurricane is a tropical system.

Do tornadoes have 74 mph winds?

A tornado can have winds of 74 mph. However, what you are probably thinking of a hurricane, as part of the definition of a hurricane involves winds of 74 mph or greater.

What is the definition of vestiges?

Small tiny parts of something bigger, such as--> After the hurricane, there were only vestiges left of my house.

What is the definition of hurricane watch?

A hurricane watch means conditions are favorable for a hurricane to develop, or if it has developed, it may approach your area. This is when you should start planning on precautions to take should it turn into a hurricane warning. A hurricane warning means one has developed and is predicted to hit your area. This is when you should start taking immediate precautions. For information on what precautions to take during a hurricane, see the related link below.

Was hurricane sandy a superstorm?

Hurricane Sandy was called "Superstorm Sandy" by the popular media because it was a post-tropical cyclone at landfall in the U.S. rather than a true hurricane and it was combining with another system. However, "superstorm" does not have a definition and it is not a term used by scientists.

What are the names of the 15 hurricanes in 2005?

hurricane Dennis hurricane Emily hurricane Katrina hurricane Cindy hurricane Irene hurricane Wilma hurricane Phillipe hurricane Rita hurricane Ophelia hurricane Nate Hurricane Maria Hurricane Stan Hurricane Vince Hurricane Beta Hurricane Epsilon

Is a super storm worse than a hurricane?

That depends. "Super storm" does not have a definition in meteorology and has been applied to a variety of storms, some not as bad as a hurricane, and some worse than the typical hurricane. However, the very worst of hurricanes are far worse than these so- called super storms.

What are winds that blow at more than 74 miles per hour called?

Winds of 74 mph or greater are called hurricane force winds. Note, though that this is not the same thing as a hurricane, which has a more specific definition.

What was the hurricane before hurricane Katrina?

what was the hurricane before hurricane Katrina

All categorys and names of all F5 hurricanes?

F5 is not a category used to rate hurricanes, only tornadoes. Category 5 is the strongest category used to rate hurricanes. Atlantic hurricanes. Records of older hurricanes may be incomplete The "Cuba" hurricane of 1924 The "Labor Day" hurricane of 1935 Hurricane Dog 1950 Hurricane Easy 1951 Hurricane Janet 1955 Hurricane Cleo 1958 Hurricane Donna 1960 Hurricane Ethel 1960 Hurricane Carla 1961 Hurricane Hattie 1961 Hurricane Beulah 1967 Hurricane Camille 1969 Hurricane Edith 1971 Hurricane Anita 1977 Hurricane David 1979 Hurricane Allen 1980 Hurricane Gilbert 1988 Hurricane Hugo 1989 Hurricane Andrew 1992 Hurricane Mitch 1998 Hurricane Isabel 2003 Hurricane Ivan 2004 Hurricane Emily Hurricane Katrina 2005 Hurricane Rita 2005 Hurricane Wilma 2005 Hurricane Dean 2007 Hurricane Felix 2007 Pacific Category 5 Hurricanes Hurricane Patsy 1959 Unnamed Hurricane 1959 Hurricane Ava 1976 Hurricane Emilia 1994 Hurricane Gilma 1994 Hurricane John 1994 Hurricane Guillermo 1997 Hurricane Linda 1997 Hurricane Elida 2002 Hurricane Hernan 2002 Hurricane Kenna 2002 Hurricane Ioke 2006 Hurricane Rick 2009 Hurricane Celia 2010

How does a hurricane remain a hurricane?

a hurricane remains a hurricane when the hurricane is 74 miles and up, if it is lower, its downgraded into a tropical storm.

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