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A microscopic biologic organism within an individual leaf of a branch of a tree or plant.
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What is the definition of cell?

A cell is a little group of tissues that work together to create an organ which goes to the organ system to the organism. A cell is a fundamental unit of life that is a small, membrane-enclosed unit that can grow, respond to it's environment, convert energy from one form to another, and reproduce. ( ( Full Answer )

What is the function of a leaf cell?

The function of a leaf cell is to mainly facilitate the process ofphotosynthesis. It is a able to do this using the chloroplasts andthe large surface which allows the leaves to absorb light.

What is the Food-making cell in the leaf?

The Food Making Cell In A Leaf, Is Obviously A Cell Inside A Leaf That Get Their Supply Of Carbon Dioxide Through Tiny Pores (stomata) Which Are Mainly On The Underside Of A Leaf. (: I think that it is the mesophyll cells which contains palisade cells and inter-cellular space

What does a palisade leaf cell do?

The palisade leaf cell provides chlorophlly to the leaf as a result photosynthesis will take place in the palisade cell.

What do lower leafs cells do?

lower leaf cells is widely spaced cells allow carbon dioxide andoxygen to pass in and out the leaf

What is the function of leaf palisade cell?

Cylindrical cell lying immediately beneath the upper epidermis of a leaf. Palisade cells normally exist as one closely packed row and contain many chloroplasts. During the hours of daylight palisade cells are photosynthetic, using the energy of the sun to create carbohydrates from water and carbon d ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of a door leaf?

The door leaf is the door itself and the path that it travels in, Its even hard for my teachers to explain so i put it how the ordinary man would. If you have a door and you open it towards you, then that is the leaf of the door. if it is a double door then it has two leafs. If you would tape a penc ( Full Answer )

Why is a leaf cell good at its job?

A leaf cell is good at its job because it contains chlorophyll. Itis even better at its job when it is larger.

Cells in a leaf?

Palisade cells and the spongey mesophyll. The upper and lower epidermis aren't cells but the are also in a leaf.

What does a leaf palisade cell do?

Palisade cells are cells found within the mesophyll in leaves of dicotyledonous plants. They contain chloroplasts, which convert the energy stored in photons to chemical energy through photosynthesis, which is made up of two main stages; the light-dependent reactions and light-independent reactions ( Full Answer )

What is the leaf cell that protects?

that depends on what is being protected. if you mean the cell that protects the leaf from de-hydrating then it is the guard cells at the stomata.

What is the chemical found in a leaf cell?

There are many chemicals that reside in a leaf's cell. The one responsible for converting the Sun's energy into chemical potential energy is called chlorophyll.

Are spongy mesophyll are cells in a leaf?

Yes they are. The other main cells in the leaf also include: the Epidermal cell, the Palisade Mesophyll cell, the Xylem cell and the Phloem cell. Hope this helped.

What job do leaf cells do?

Leaf cells have an important organelle called a chloroplast whichconverts the energy from sunlight to make carbohydrates from waterand carbon dioxide.

What is the definition of stem leaf and plot?

A stem and leaf plot is one type of histogram. A simple bar chart histogram show the frequency of data in certain ranges. The leaf and stem plot has the advantage of identifying both the frequency of the data in intervals and the data values that are in the intervals.. Two disadvantages to the plot ( Full Answer )

Is a leaf made of cells?

A leaf is made up of cells. It consists of a thin outer skin,called the epidermis, which covers the cells forming the mesophyll.

Wot features do leaf cells have?

Waxy cuticle, Palisade cells, spongy mesophyll, vascular bundle (xylem, phloem). . Plant cell : Nucleus, vacuole, cytoplasm, centriole, lysosomes, cell membrane, cell wall. etc etc.

What is the leaf cell working parts?

this is for plants and leaf things There are different parts to a leaf or plant are.... The Stem, Axillary Bud, Internode, Axil, Node, Petiole, Stipule And the Leaf Lamina

How does water get into leaf cells?

Water enters the root cells by osmosis and enters into the xylem. The pressure of water entering the xylem creates osmotic pressure, pushing the column of water up through the stem. Water evaporating on the surface of the leaf cells pulls on other molecules and pulls the column of water up the plant ( Full Answer )

What do leaf cells have that root cells do not have?

leaf cells contain chlorophyll which is found in the chloroplast cells which absorb the sunlight to cause photosynthesis. root cells are to collect the water and nutrients in the soil and as no sunlight reaches the bottom for the root cells chlorophyll isn't needed for the root cell

In which cells of the leaf does the process occur?

The anatomy of leaf shows lower & upper epidermis, In between them mesophyll along with vascular bundles. Epidermis comprises of paranchymatous cells, stomata; Stomata have guard cells which are having chlorophyll. Mesophyll generally divided into palisad paranchyma & spongy paranchyma. Both the pal ( Full Answer )

Inserted leaf in table top--definition?

Originally a table leaf was a hinged section on the end(s) of a table that could be folded up when the table needed to be lengthened to accommodate more people, but folded down when not in use to conserve space, such as a drop-leaf table or a gate-leg table, the idea being that these hinged sections ( Full Answer )

Function of a green cell of a leaf?

the geen part of the leaf is the chlorophyll which are used to absorb light energy so that the plant can make food for itself

What is the role of guard cells do in a leaf?

Guard cells change shape to open and close stomata. When they are flaccid, the stoma is closed. When they are full of water and firm, the stoma is open. There are 2 guard cells controlling a stoma. Water enters guard cells by osmosis and they change shape.

What is the definition of cells?

Cells in biology are the basic structural and function unit of all organisms. Cells in geometry are three-dimensional element that is a part of a higher-dimensional object.

How does the water enter leaf cells?

The plant obtains water (H 2 O) from the soil, the water molecules then go into the root cells, through the vascular tissue in the stem, and to the leaves.

Why is the leaf cell important?

Leaf cells have the most chloroplasts out of any other cells in a plant, and is the largest contributer of photosynthesis in the plant.

What is the definition of elodea leaf?

An Elodea Cell is a multi-celled cell. It has a cell wall, ploraplats, and Cytoplasm. It also moves and grows. It is an underwater plant with grass-like leaves.

What is the definition of the tomato leaf curl virus?

The tomato leaf curl virus is a yellowing and upward curling of leaves on a tomato plant. It is a viral infection that has been transmitted through whiteflies. It will affect fruit production.

Are cells flexible for elodea leaf cells?

The cell wall has very little flexibility - but the cell membrane is flexible. With elodea cells, the cell wall will stay in the same place, but the cell membrane will move. Plasmolysis, shrinking due to water loss, causes the cell contents to shrink, while the cell wall remains almost the same. ( Full Answer )

What special features does a leaf cell have?

a special feature is a leaf cell has a vacuole that stores a lot of water because it is a necessity of life. A leaf cell also goes through photosynthesis.

What features do leaf cells have?

By features, if you mean 'types', there are quite a few. The most important ones are called 'palisade cells', they are big blocks that contain lots of chloroplasts in order to absorb a lot of light energy needed for photosynthesis. The 'pholem and xylem' tubes lie underneath with the spongey cells. ( Full Answer )

What leaf cell has?

It has chloroplasts. The chloroplasts contain chlorophyll Chlorophyll makes the leaf green Hope this helps!

What is the function of the mitochondria in a leaf Cell?

They take chemical energy in the form of -CH2- monomers from converted sugars and truncated lipids and 'runs them through' the Kreb's [or Citric Acid] cycle to produce biochemical energy - primarily Atp [Adenosine tri phosphate] and Water and CO2. They also do this in animal Cells; and, Yes, they ( Full Answer )

What does the cell and wall of a leaf do?

they somewhat protect the leaf. so the does the sell membrane. the endoplasmis relitculum form together with the golgi bodies, then attach to the ribosomes and mitochondria

How do you examine leaf epidermal cell?

Leaf epidermal cells are examined by making peelings of epidermalcells from both sides. Normally these peelings are stained and examined under the compoundmicroscope.

Who discovered a leaf cell?

The leaf cell was destroyed by early scientists to prevent furthercorruption of the epic duck. totally legit.

How are epidermis cells important to a leaf?

Epidermal cells are important to the leaf because depending on the climate that the plant resides within, the plant may create more than one epidermal layer. The purpose of this/these layer is to retain water, and some plants have a cuticle formed on the outside of the epidermis to prevent the loss ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of the word leaf?

'Leaf' is a part of a tree or bush, acting as the principal organ of photosynthesis. The name 'leaf' is also used for the pages of books.

Definition of cell?

The definition of cell is a small room in which a prisoner ishoused for the duration of his stay in jail.