What is the definition of a stem and leaf graph?

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The stem is the tens place, and the leaf is the ones. The leaf has a few choices. It's used to place a number.
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What is the definition of stem leaf and plot?

A stem and leaf plot is one type of histogram. A simple bar chart histogram show the frequency of data in certain ranges. The leaf and stem plot has the advantage of identifyi

When do you plot stem and leaf graph?

If you are still in school, do it when ever you are trying to find the answer to a question that calls for such a graph... in real life use it in an example like ages to find

Is a stem and leaf plot a graph?

A stem and leaf plot is not a graph, but it is a table. You can turn it into a graph, a histogram, but it is simply a table that organizes your numbers.

Does a Stem and Leaf graph have to have a title?

It is good practice to add a title to any diagram, chart or graph in any work you do. The title helps your teacher to know you understand the subject, lets a reader understand

How do you use a stem and leaf graph?

the left side would be your tens place the right side is your ones so if you have 3/8 that would equal 38 if you have 2/568 and your ordering them it will be 25, 26, and 28