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The definition of the ampere is : 'that constant current that, if maintained in two straight parallel conductors of infinite length and negligible cross-sectional area and placed one metre apart in a vacuum, would produce between them a force equal to 2 pi x 10^-7 newtons per unit length'.

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In a series circuit the is the same at every point

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The watt is defined as 'the power resulting when one joule of energy is dissipated in one second'.

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Q: What is the definition of amperes and watts?
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How many watts can you get from 260 volts?

It depends on how many amperes there are. If you have 1 amperes, then you get 260 watts. If you have 260 amperes, then you have 67,600 watts. If you have 0.001 amperes, then you have 0.26 watts. Its just watts = volts times amperes. Of course, the limiting factor is the available power behind the 260 volts, but you did not say anything about that.

How many watts does a microwave use?

Find the nameplate rating it will say volts amperes watts frequency model number If watts is not on there watts= volts divided by amperes . for your estimated watts

How you find ups watts?

It is expressed in Volt-Amperes not Watts.

How you calculate watts to amperes?


20 amp breaker how many watts?

Watts = volts x amperes. So if your region uses 110 volts, 20 amperes is equivalent to 2200 watts; if your region uses 220 volts, 20 amperes is equivalent to 4400 watts.

What are the watts on a 1999 Ford Escort?

Volts X amperes = watts.

Are watts and amps the same measurement?

No they are not. Watts is a measure of the power. Amperes is a measure of the current. The equation is W = a x v ; where W is watts, a is amperes and v is volts.

How do you solve watts to amperes?

Amps = Watts/Volts, or Amps = Sq Root of Watts/Resistance.

What power is consumed in a dc circuit of 28volts and 4 amps?

Power is voltage times amperes, so 28 volts and 4 amperes is 112 watts. The reason for this is that voltage is actually joules per coulomb, and amperes is actually coulombs per second. Multiplying them together produces joules per second, which is the definition of watts.

What is the relationship between watts and voltage?

Watts equals volts times amperes.

How do you find amperes when given volts and watts?

Use the formula: power = current x voltage. In SI units: watts = amperes x volts.

How many watts is 8.6 amperes?

8.6 amps is zero watts without a voltage.

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