What is the definition of biology?

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Biology - n.

The study of living organisms and their vital processes. It is the science devoted living organisms both plants and animals. The term biology has been derived from two Greek words ;bios=life, logos=thinking ,discourse or knowledge. It is divided into two main branches, botany and zoology. Biology is the area of science that studies life and its processes
Biology is a branch of science that deal with the study of life

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Give you the 15 branches of biology and its definition?

what are the branches of biology and give their definition

Comparison with a standard is the definition of what?


List down the branches of biology and its definition?

list down the branches of biology

What is the definition of tissue in biology of tissue in biology?

A tissue is a group of cells into a strand/cluster.

What is the best definition of biology?

The Science Of Life

Types of biology with definition?

defenitoins how do u spell that?

What is the best definition of conservation biology?

tumhara sar

What is the deffition for biology?

i guess you meant definition. The definition for biology is the study of life and a branch of the natural sciences which studies living organisms and how they interact with each other and their environment.

What is Biotechnology in a simple Definition?

It is the fusion of technology and biology . Biology is the science of the living and technology is the science of technics.

What is the definition of specialized in biology?

Specialized in biology means person is perfect in that subject. The person is most educated in that subject.

What is the definition of synthetic biology?

Synthetic Biology is a new research that combines engineering with science. It is a new way to encompass biology with techniques we do not normally see in nature.

What is the etymological definition of biology?

logos bio or knowledge of life

What is the correct definition of a model in biology terms?

a rich male

The definition of biology?

the scientific study of the natural processes of living things

What is the biology definition for Tumor?

An abnormal swelling, not necessarily malignant cancer.

Which is the best definition of conservation biology?

the use of science to restore ecosystems

What is the definition of organization of life according to Biology?

cells, tissue,organs

What is the definition to solute in biology?

The minor component in a solution, dissolved in the solvent.

What are the definition of biology?

Biology is a branch of science that studies the nature of life from the smallest parts of living things to the largest plants and animals.

What is a base in biology terms?

The definition for the word base in biology terms is "The nucleobase of a nucleotide involved in base pairing, as of a DNA or RNA polymer."

How would you write the definition of biology in your own words?

biologybiology is the scientific study of life word biology is divided into two parts "bios" means "life" and "logos" means "to study"/"reasoning biology we study about living things.There are many branches of biology:1.Zoology2.Botany3.Microbiology

Cells genetics ecology evolution and physiology are incorporated in the study of biology Use your knowledge of these terms to create your own definition of biology?

biology is the study of living things. what makes up organisms and how they work. a knowledge of biology is knowledge of the mechanics of a living thing

What is the definition of specialized in cellular biology?

Biology is a very large field which includes Cellular Biology. Beyond that people concentrate on further subdivisions in this field. If you look in the index of your Biology textbook and then look at the subheadings, you can get an idea of how much is there to learn and study and do further research about.

What is the definition of soil water?

The answer I received was water situated in soil according to

Which is the definition of competence in developmental biology?

Competence is the ability of a cell by which it can respond towards a signal.

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