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Burning a Fuel in Excess Oxygen.

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Which gas is produced during the incomplete combustion of coal?

carbon monoxide. CO is a product resulting as the definition of incomplete combustion. complete combustion yields carbon dioxide, CO2.

How are complete and incomplete combustion different?

Complete combustion leads to yellow flame while incomplete combustion leads to blue flameComplete combustion releases more heat than incomplete combustion.Incomplete combustion is more luminous than complete combustion.Combustion of saturated hydrocarbon with sufficient supply of oxygen undergoes complete combustion while unsaturated hydrocarbons undergo incomplete combustion

What are two products of combustion if combustion is complete?

The products of complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water.

What is the difference between complete and imcomplete combustion?

A complete combustion will produce CO2 and H2O but an incomplete combustion will produce CO and H2O.

What is complete combustion?

Complete combustion is when a hydrocarbon fully oxidises and produces carbon dioxide and water.

Product of complete combustion of methane?

Carbon dioxide and water are the products of complete combustion of methane

What are the advantages of complete combustion?

The advantages of a complete combustion reaction are that they don't release as harmful toxic pollutants. In an incomplete combustion Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon is released. A complete combustion only releases carbon dioxide.

Why does excess supply of oxygen lead to complete combustion?

Complete combustion of a hydrocarbon yields carbon dioxide & water; incomplete combustion yields carbon monoxide & water. By having excess oxygen you have enough oxygen to ensure complete combustion. For example the combustion of methane (CH4):complete combustion: CH4 + 2O2 --> CO2 + 2H2Oincomplete combustion: CH4 + 1.5O2 --> CO + 2H2OAs you can see you need a 1/2 mole less of oxygen for the incomplete combustion of methane. So as long as you have twice the amount (in terms of moles) of oxygen as methane you will ensure complete combustion. So anything in excess of that will also ensure complete combustion.

Are all combustion reactions exothermic?

Yes, by definition combustion reacts are exothermic.

Differentiate complete combustion from incomplete combustion?

Complete combustion only produces water and carbon dioxide. Incomplete combustion makes carbon monoxide along with other carbon compounds. That is the difference.

Why does complete combustion release more energy than incomplete combustion?

in complete combustion the amount of oxygen is higher/more than the amount of oxygen in incomplete combustion. Heat needs oxygen.

Is the burning of petrol in cars an example of complete combustion or incomplete combustion Explain?

Ideally, complete combustion. In practice it isn't always, which is why cars have catalytic converters.

Balanced equation for complete and incomplete combustion of propanol?

Complete combustion : 2C3H8O + 9O2 --> 6CO2 + 8H2O Incomplete combustion : C3H8O + 3O2 --> 3CO + 4H2O

What are the products of combustion of a marshmallow?

If the combustion is complete, carbon dioxide and water.

What does the complete combustion of coal produce?

The complete combustion of organic compounds produces Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Water (H2O), and a residue of any impurities which were present in the coal before combustion. Complete combustion requires a great surplus of molecular Oxygen to occur.

What are complete and incomplete combustion?

Complete combustion fuel + oxygen = water + carbon dioxide Incomplete combustion fuel + oxygen = water +carbon dioxide + soot (carbon)

What is the difference between a complete and incomplete combustion?

Complete combustion: releasing of carbon dioxide and water. Incomplete combustion: releasing of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water.

What is the color of flame produced by unsaturated hydrocarbons on complete combustion?

In a complete combustion reaction the flame is a blue/purple colour.

What are the products of the complete combustion a hydrocarbon?

The complete combustion of a hydrocarbon would give carbon dioxide and water as the only products.

What is the balanced equation for the complete combustion of heptane?

C7H16+11O2 = 7CO2+8H2O is the balanced equation for the complete combustion of heptane.

What is the definition of combustion?

an act or instance of burning

What does combustion form?

The resulting products of the complete combustion are water and carbon dioxide.

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