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What is the definition of defragmentation?


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June 12, 2013 11:28AM

As your computer disk is used for holding information, individual pieces of files are spread across the disk, leaving unused segments. Sometimes, when the operating system attempts to write new data, there is insufficient space in the segment that was selected and part of the file is written to another segment. Whent that happens, the file is said to be "fragmented". When you defragment your disk, the defragmentation software moves the file data around so that data is "contiguous", meaning that the disk head typically doesn't have to move much to read the entire file. That way, the file is loaded faster and disk space is not wasted. Answer De-fragmentation is Microsoft tool that help to mange your systems all kind of file. just like a library. it make better system performance too.
The definition would be "to take what is fragmented and put it in contiguous order".

The practice doesn't really put all the files together in one place. It places files in optimized places on the drive so that read access will be faster.