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Means asking a question or wanting to know about something. Example, You put an ad up, and I enquired about it. ( I asked you for some more information.) works best Note that enquiry is the British spelling. . . in the US it's normally spelled inquiry. 1. An act of asking for information.

2. An official investigation.

3. An official process to discover the facts about something bad that has


4. Search for truth, information, or knowledge.

5. Examination of facts or principles through investigation.

6. A close examination of a matter in a search for accurate information

or truth.

7. A systematic investigation of a matter of public interest.

8. A legal investigation into a crime or wrongdoing - "the police have

opened an enquiry".

Note: Enquiry, inquest, inquisition, investigation, probe, research - these

nouns denote a quest for knowledge, data, or truth.

Expressions using "enquiry": board of enquiry - commission of enquiry -

committee of enquiry - exhaustive enquiry - severe enquiry.

Words beginning with "enquiry": enquiry-answering, enquiry-based,


Word ending with "enquiry": pre-enquiry.

Specialty definition using "enquiry": enquiry character

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Q: What is the definition of enquiry?
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What is the plural of enquiry?

The plural of enquiry is enquiries.

What is an enquiry note?

i really want to know what is an enquiry note?

What is the difference between inquiry and enquiry?

not much... the British prefer enquiry.

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What is noun form of enquiry?

The word 'enquiry' is the noun form for the verb to enquire.

What is a murder enquiry?

A murder enquiry is when somebody eats a penguin and they need to establish the breed.

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When was An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding created?

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding was created in 1748.

Difference between inquiry and enquiry?

enquiry is asking a question and inquiry if making an investigation into something...

Where can one make a passport enquiry for renewal?

Where one makes an enquiry about a passport renewal will depend on the country. In the UK an enquiry can be made at a local post office or at the website GOV.UK.

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Is replied the opposite of inquired?

Bear in mind that not all words have an exact opposite. You might say that the opposite of making an enquiry is to remain silent and make no enquiry. Or you might say that the opposite of making an enquiry is replying to an enquiry. Neither of these is exactly an opposite but they are at least something like an opposite.

It begins with a question?

An enquiry

What does science inguiry mean?

Inguiry is probably a garbled version of enquiry. An enquiry is simply the investigation of some question.

What seven letter word can you make from enquiry?

Enquiry is the only thing that may be spelled with these letters and be 7 letters long.

Example of enquiry letter?


How is the enlightenment done?

By self enquiry as 'Who am I?'

Which spelling is correct Inquiry or Enquiry?

Enquiry is a spelling variant of Inquiry and American English usually uses inquiry.In the UK both are technically correct, but in general -- inquiry is used in relation to a formal inquest. Enquiry is used for the act of questioning.

What type of USAF report is filed when an aircraft part fails?

Court of Enquiry takes place. Enquiry files are registered and evidence are collected.

What is statistical enquiry?

Statistical enquiry is a statement containing data where the object or subject is unidentifiable. There is no way to determine who or what the data applies to in these types of enquiries.

What is a telephone enquiry?

a telephone that's enquirying

What is a pullip dolls? will answer some of your enquiry

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What is enquiry positive?

Something i dont know

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