What is the definition of equally yoked?

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2010-07-27 09:57:37

I think to answer your question it would help to understand what

an unequal yoke is. II Corinthians 6:14 tells us to not be

unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

In the Bible days when people would plow their fields they would

use an equal yoke. Which simply meant they would use two oxen, or

two cows, two mules, etc... It was an equal yoke so the animals

would pull a straight line. If you put an ox and a mule together it

would be crooked.

Christians are not to yoke together with unbelievers. That

doesn't mean that we are supposed to shut everyone out of our life

that isn't a Christian, but it means that those closest to us

should be of the same faith that we are.

Also don't think that God is concerned about whether you marry a

rich man/woman or what ever other social reason. God is not

concerned about any of this and this is a misunderstanding about

being unequally yoked. God is concerned about your faith first and


I truly believe that equally yoked is so simple that we miss the

whole idea. It simply means that THE MOST HIGH has set everything

into motion and for every action there is an equal and opposite

reaction. Answer The chaste for the chaste, The adulterer for the

adulterer, the fornicator for the fornicator etc. this way no

partner can hold any past doings over their partners head, because

the have committed the same offense.

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