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What is the definition of experimental medicine?

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Experimental medicine is another term for medical research. Experimental medicine uses experimentation to investigate medical problems in order to try to find effective treatments or cures.

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When was Journal of Experimental Medicine created?

Journal of Experimental Medicine was created in 1896.

Why are experimental procedures sometimes necessary in medicine?

because it is medicine .

What is the definition for experimental?

experimental probability, is the ratio of the number favorable outcomes to...

What is a sentence for experimental?

We are currently in the experimental stage.They have a very experimental love live.These experimental conditions are not good enough.

What is the definition of non-experimental research?

how to distinguish between quasi-experimental and nonexperimental research

What the different between forensic science and forensic medicine?

Forensic science is experimental Forensic medicine is empirical.

Experimental and control groups?

control group= a group that is given the placebo experimental group= the group that is administered medicine etc

What has the author Tim Hewat written?

Tim Hewat has written: 'The Florey' -- subject(s): Experimental Medicine, Experimental Physiology, History, Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medicine, Medicine, Experimental, Physiology, Experimental 'GOLDEN FLEECES - THE FALKINERS OF BOONOOKE' 'Rolling Stones file' -- subject(s): Rolling Stones 'The march of the Murray Greys' -- subject(s): Murray grey cattle 'The plastics revolution' -- subject(s): Biography, Nylex Corporation, Plastics industry and trade 'Modern Merchants of Death'

What were the scientist experimental plan in beriberi?

The main experimental plan of the scientists when researching beriberi was to change the focus of the research. Originally it had been clinical treatments but was changed to lab-based experimental medicine.

What is the experimental probability that the next toss and spin will result in 3 and tails?

The experimental probability, by definition, can only be determined after you have carried out the experiment!

Is medicine definition true?


What has the author A O Adesola written?

A. O. Adesola has written: 'The academic medical centre' -- subject(s): Experimental Medicine, Human experimentation in medicine, Law and legislation, Medical ethics, Medical research, Medicine, Experimental, Moral and ethical aspects, Moral and ethical aspects of Medical research

What is the difference between a experimental group and a control group?

Usually experimental versus control group are used in testing the affects of new medicines. Within the group being tested some will be in the experimental group and some in the control group, however the people are unaware of which group they are in. The scientists will give the experimental group the new medicine and the control group a placebo, something that has no affect. Then the affect of the new medicine will be revealed comparing the experimental group to the control group.

What is the definition of experimental embryology?

In a nutshell, experimental embryology deals with experimenting with the formation, early growth, and development of living organisms, specifically in their embryonic form. Experimental embryology is that branch of embryology that studies developmental changes of the embryo, and the nature of these changes. For a more comprehensive definition, see the related link.

What is the definition of laboratory apparatus?

Things you see in an experimental place are laboratory apparatus.

What is the definition of quasi-experimental research?

its the inclusive and exclusive of a one variable

What is the definition of Experimental value?

the values you actually get when you do the procedure, these are then compared to the standard values

What is a experimental question?

Actually an experimental question ia a hypothesis which means and educated guess or you could call it a prediction which actually is kinda the same definition.

What is the definition of pre-experimental research design?

Pre-experimental research designs are research designs that are characterized by a lack of random selection and assignment.

What medical products may result from research into transgenic plants and animals?

they are used in biological and medicine reason , product of pharmaceutical drugs, experimental medicine and agriculture

Is advancement in medicine worth the risk of possible death because of experimental medication?

no i don't think so

What is the definition of prescribes?

To order a medicine or other treatment.

What is the definition for accruacy?

Accuracy is when a known value agrees with an experimental value, but is not necessarily close in range.

What is the definition of experimental group?

The experimental group is use to compare with the control group, and viceversa. The experimental group is the group that we change the variable to experiment it's effects, as twcontrol group is the'original' experiment's results. Such a when we want to know the effect of changing a variable.

What is the definition of prosthetics?

The definition of Prosthetics is: The branch of medicine dealing with the production and use of artificial body parts.