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Fallacious means false or faulty, especially in terms of logic.

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Fallacious in a sentence?

Well yes, that is what he is doing but it is not fallacious.

What is a sentence for fallacious?

We need to put an end to that fallacious rumor.

What is a sentence that has the word ''fallacious'' in it?

To say that Barrack Obama is a Republican would be quite fallacious because he is in fact a Democrat.

How do you use the word fallacious in a sentence?

His entire speech was fallacious, as none of his contentions was backed by evidence.A fallacious argument can still carry weight if it seems plausible.

Sentences for fallacious?

Tales about werewolves, vampires or witches are fallacious stories that people believe in.

What is a sentence with fallacious?

They had fallacious thoughts about each other. This was because of improper conversation between the two.

What are some adjectives that go with the word false?

Several possibilities include: incorrect, fictitious, fallacious, and fallacious.

What rhymes with fallacious?


A fallacious argument uses logic?


An argument uses unsound reasoning?


A statement that contains an error in logic is?


What rhymes with spacious?

races gracious, ostentatious, fallacious, pugnacious

What is a fallacious argument?

An argument that sometimes fools human reasoning, but is not logically valid.

What is fallacious reasoning?

it is a reasoning that doesn"t make sense , false reasoning.

A fallacious argument uses?

It can use a false proposition to start with or a deduction which is not valid.

Another word for misleading?

Synonyms: Beguiling, deceiving, deceptive, deluding, fallacious, false

What are the examples of fallacious argument?

The days are longer in summer, because things expand when they are heated.

What is the adjective form of the word 'fallacy'?

The adjective form of the word 'fallacy' is fallacious.

What is the answer to this math problem 8--7-16?

This is fallacious. You cannot divide by zero.

What is another word for untrue?

False, incorrect, wrong, fallacious, untruthful, fictitious, fictional, and imaginary.

The role of fallacious reasoning in irrational action?

it is a reasoning that doesn"t make sense , false reasoning.

What fallacious reasoning is People who smoke infringe on other people's rights?

The fallacy is that smoker's rights are ignored

A fallacy is basically a what?

A fallacy is basically an argument with poor reasoning. An argument can be considered to be fallacious even if the conclusion is true or not.

Can an arranged marriage lead to disaster?

Any type of marriage can lead to disaster if it is sustained on fallacious or weak grounds.

Can an argument be both valid and fallacious?

A fallacious argument is often plausible. It is never valid. fallacies are deceptions used to manipulate perceptions. They can sometimes be misunderstandings or mistakes of fact, but one fallacious by their words and deeds are hardly innocent. The plausibility of fallacious arguments is merely the well crafted plot of their deception. They make their lies plausible by regurgitating facts, factoids, hearsay arguments, shameless appeals to authority all projected with an air of authority so that their intended victims might demurely defer to the superior debater. Examples of fallacious arguments are: George Bush arguing the threat of WMD's in Iraq. Plausible, not valid. Parents don't have the right to home school their children. This fallacy isn't even plausible. Rights are granted by governments. Plausible, not valid. HIV causes AIDS. Plausible, unable to validate. Individual gun ownership is the greatest threat to world peace today. Not even plausible. The welfare state and a rigorous war on poverty will lift the poor out of poverty and into affluence. Not even plausible. Driving is a privilege and not a right. Not plausible yet people not only find it plausible, some will actually engage in fallacious arguments of their own defending this lie. There are no absolutes. Not plausible. The truth can not be known. Not plausible. All are fallacious arguments, none are valid.

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