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What is the definition of fertile?

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Fertile Land

Fertile means able to grow crops, or arable. Early civilizations

developed where rivers overflowed their banks to add silt that

provided nutrients to the soil.

Fertility in Animals and Humans

Animals are said to be fertile if they can bear young. While

fertilization is by the sperm of male animals, fertility is usually

applied to the eggs of the female and their subsequent ability to

grow or mature.

Other Uses

The word is used as a metaphor for the source of prolific or

productive efforts (fertile mind, fertile environment). It

generally refers to land that is used to grow crops. Fertile meaing

that the land is ready and able to have seed planted. Can also

refer to the ability of a female to bear young. Land which is able

to bear crops. Also can mean an animal that is able to bear


able to become pregnant

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