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What is the definition of fertile?

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Fertile Land

Fertile means able to grow crops, or arable. Early civilizations developed where rivers overflowed their banks to add silt that provided nutrients to the soil.

Fertility in Animals and Humans

Animals are said to be fertile if they can bear young. While fertilization is by the sperm of male animals, fertility is usually applied to the eggs of the female and their subsequent ability to grow or mature.

Other Uses

The word is used as a metaphor for the source of prolific or productive efforts (fertile mind, fertile environment). It generally refers to land that is used to grow crops. Fertile meaing that the land is ready and able to have seed planted. Can also refer to the ability of a female to bear young. Land which is able to bear crops. Also can mean an animal that is able to bear young.
able to become pregnant

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Why did the Egyptians grow crops in fertile land areas?

The definition of fertile areas is they grow crops best, so all cultures grow crops in fertile areas if they're available.

What is A group of a similar organisms that can mate with each other and produce fertile offspring?

This is the basic definition of a species.

What is the definition of the landform term oasis?

An oasis is a fertile area in a desert where a spring or well provides water.

What is the definition of alluvial?

It is a adjective of the form alluvium. It is used to describe soil that is fertile in as a result of a deposit by a stream.

What is the definition of terrarium?

A terrarium is a bowl where you put moist fertile garden soil and plants growing on it to observe for experiments.

What is the term for Groups of interbreeding individuals who produce viable and fertile offspring?

This is the definition of species under the Biological Species Concept.

Can Darwin's Finch Species interbreed and hybridize?

The definition of a species is that they cannot reproduce with another species and produce fertile offspring.

What is comparative and superlative degree of fertile?

more fertile, most fertile

Is France non-fertile?

no, France is fertile.

What is the superlative for fertile?

Most fertile is the superlative for fertile.

What helped make the Fertile Crescent fertile?

The rivers in the fertile crescent and the proliferation of edible grains made the fertile crescent fertile.

How far did the Fertile Crescent stretch from north to south?

There is no exact definition of the Fertile Crescent region, though it generally covers the majority of modern Iraq and Syria, and portions of Turkey, Iran, Jordan, and Kuwait, plus possibly Israel and Lebanon.

Why are all dogs considered members of the same species?

All dogs are of the same species because any one dog can mate with another dog to create fertile offspring (the definition of a species - an interbreeding population that can produce fertile offspring).

Can several totally different organisms can be included in a species?

No. The definition of a species is often defined as the largest group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. If several are totally different they don't fit the definition.

What are members of a group that can interbreed called?

Members of a group that have the ability to interbreed and produce fertile offspring are called "species". This is the zoolocigal definition and name for the group.

Where is the Fertile Library in Fertile located?

The address of the Fertile Library is: 101 S Mill St, Fertile, 56540 4215

Was all the fertile crescent fertile?


What is fertile in Latin?

Fertilis, fertile

Is tiglion fertile or infertile?


Is the Fertile Crescent a desert?

NO - it is FERTILE.

What is the comparative of fertile?

more fertile

What is the definition of fertile plain?

A fertile plain is flat land that can support agriculture. Most such land occurs naturally along the banks of rivers that cross otherwise unusable lands. In the central United States, the Midwest was primarily grassland or prairie that was converted to become farmland.

What is the difference between fertile meadows and non fertile meadows on howrse?

A fertile meadow is a little better quality then the non fertile meadow but the fertile meadow is better to grow crops on.

Are many Australian soils fertile or non fertile?

fertile, that is why many farms are in australia

What is a fertile settlement?

The term fertile settlement refers to a settlement which is in a fertile agricultural area.