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The word "Grim" is actually in an English word. It can mean the following:

  • horrifying
  • characterized by hopelessness
  • ironic or sinister in nature
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Q: What is the definition of grim?
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Where did the the word grim come from?

The word grim, comes from the Old English word grimm. Grim also finds its origins among Old High German. In this language it meant fierce. However, the definition of grim today - that something is absolutely horrible or hopeless - comes from the town of Grimsby in Yorkshire.

What is a sentence with the word grim in it?

The future looks grim.The grim reaper loves kittens.Why do you look so grim?It appears to be another grim Monday.

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Grim Natwick went by Grim.

What nicknames does Kory Grim go by?

Kory Grim goes by Grim.

Can you give a sentence that uses the word grim?

That is a grim statistic. His face was grim at the news.

Does grim rhyme with him?

Yes, 'grim' rhymes with 'him'.

How do you use the word grim in a sentence?

Your future is looking very grim. I proceeded with grim determination.

What is an example sentence for the word grim?

Hardened detectives are normally used to grim crime scenes.He gave her a grim look as he tasted her food.

What is 'grim'?

I am doing a crossword and I think it is unsmiling

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What is the Russian grim reaper?

He is still considered the grim reaper.

Is the grim reaper real?

No, the grim reaper is not real. The origin of the grim reaper dates back to Greece, and the Greek God Thanatos.

What do the words grim reaper stand for?

The Grim Reaper is the personification of Death.

What was the grim reapers name before he became the grim reaper?


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In Freak the Mighty what is grim and gram's real names?

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What is grim and gram's real name in freak the mighty?

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How do you say grim reaper in spanish?

"Grim Reaper" translates to, "Parca" in Spanish.

Gram and grim do they die in the Freak the Mighty?

Grim and Gram are Maxwell's grandparents.

What is reaper?

Grim. when somone is dying he comes and takes there life. GRIM REAER

When was Bob Grim born?

Bob Grim was born on March 8, 1930.

What does death personified as a skeleton in a cloak crossword clue grim?

Grim reaper

When was Emanuel Grim born?

Emanuel Grim was born on 1883-01-01.