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What is the definition of impeached?

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to be kicked out or removed from office

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Under what circumstances may the president be impeached?

A president can be impeached for treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. The precise definition of these offenses is left up to the House of Representatives .

Who can be impeached?

anyone can be impeached

Who were the prsidents that were impeached?

Clinton was impeached but not officially removed from office, and Nixon was to be impeached but resigned before he could be impeached.

Was Theodore Roosevelt impeached?

No, he was not impeached.

If someone is impeached what is the next steptaken?

What happens if someone is impeached? What happens if someone is impeached?

What branches can be impeached?

the executive branch can be impeached

Why does a president get impeached?

A president will get impeached if he does something unconstitutional. the congress will vote on it and if the majority wins he is impeached.

What year was Bill Clinton impeached?

He was impeached in 1998

Who was the last impeached president?

Richard Nixon was NOT impeached. He resigned from office to prevent being impeached. The last impeached president was Bill Clinton, but the Senate did not remove him from office.

Why was president Jackson impeached?

President Andrew Jackson was not impeached. Andrew Johnson was impeached, but he is a completely different person.

Which US presidents were impeached and removed from office?

Technically no American president has been impeached and subsequently removed from office. Andrew Johnson was impeached, but acquitted. Richard Nixon resigned before his likely impeachment. Bill Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office. Presidents impeached: * Andrew Johnson: impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate * William (Bill) Clinton: also impeached but acquitted. Therefore, there have been two impeached, none removed.

Why was Richard Nixon NOT impeached?

He resigned before he could be impeached.

What year was Richard Nixon impeached?

He resigned in 1974. Not impeached.

Has a US president ever been impeached and found guilty?

No-- two were impeached but not found guilty. Richard Nixon resigned before he was impeached, probably assuming that he would be impeached and found quilty.

Was president Herbert Hoover impeached?

Herbert Hoover was not impeached. The only two presidents that were impeached are Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

How can the President get fired?

The President can be impeached. After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated his vice President (Andrew Johnson) was impeached. Also Nixon was impeached

What presidents got impeached?

Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached.

Did Bill Clinton get impeached?

Yes, he was impeached on December 19, 1998.

What was Richard nickson impeached for?

He wasn't, he resighned before he could be impeached.

Was Ulysses S. Grant impeached?

No President Grant was not impeached.

Who are the presidents that are impeached or in the process of being impeached?

Andrew Johnson and Clinton.

Can only presidents be impeached?

no- other federal officers such as judges can be impeached.

Was James K. Polk impeached?

No -- Polk was never impeached.

How did Richard Nixon get impeached?

He did not get impeached, he was involved in the watergate scandel and resigned

If president is impeached who replaces him?

If the President is impeached, he/she is replaced by the Vice President.

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