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What is the definition of liquidity?

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AnswerLiquidity refers to how quickly and cheaply an asset can be converted into cash. Money (in the form of cash) is the most liquid asset. Assets that generally can only be sold after a long exhaustive search for a buyer are known as illiquid.

A high level of trading activity, allowing buying and selling with minimum price disturbance. Also, a market characterized by the ability to buy and sell with relative ease. Antithesis of illiquidity.

A large position in cash or in assets that are easily convertible to cash. High liquidity produces flexibility for a firm or an investor in a low-risk position, but it also tends to decrease profitability.

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Understanding the definition of liquidity is useful in learning about monetary policy?

I person must be able to understand the definition of liquidity in order to learn about monetary policy. true

Is understanding the definition of liquidity useful in learning about monetary policy?


What is the definition of a liquidity ratio?

Liquidity ratio are designed to test a company's ability to meet its short-term financial obligations. To find the ratio, you take Cash and Cash Equivalent + Marketable Securities + Accounts Receivable divided by Current Liabilities.

Why might a profitable business face liquidity problems?

No liquidity

What is liquidity in financial system?

Liquidity is basically how much cash is available.

Liquidity and yield analysis?

what is the comparison between liquidity & yield analysis ??????

How can a company improve its liquidity position?

How can the liquidity position of a company be improved

What is a liquidity order?

ORDER OF LIQUIDITY is when items on a balance sheet are listed in order of liquidity. After cash, the other current assets are listed in order of liquidity or nearness to cash (i.e. Accounts Receivable first, then Inventory).

Shortage of liquidity in money market?

is the drain of excess liquidity from the money market

Why liquidity is important?

In business terms, liquidity is very important as it can help an establishment to quickly come out of debt. Liquidity is the measure of how sellable an investment or asset is.

What is liquidity decision?

The decision made for the management of current asset that affects a firm's liquidity.

What is the purpose of the liquidity ratio?

Liquidity ratios measure the availability of cash to pay debt

What in the world of finance are the three types of liquidity shortages?

Major types of liquidity fall into three major categories: 1. Shortages in central bank liquidity; 2. Specific commercial bank liquidities; 3. Shortages in financial market liquidity.

Why corporate liquidity has been declining?

Corporate liquidity may be declining because revenues are declining. If a company isn't selling enough product, then they will likely borrow money, which reduces liquidity.

What is liquidity risk?

liquidity risk arises due to stocking of inventory for long period of time in an operation.

What is relationship between liquidity profitability and solvency?

If liquidity inceases profitability decreases so there is inverse relationship

What is Net Liquidity Balance?

The net liquidity of a position (s) is the cash balance + unrealized g/l.

What term means the ability to turn assets into cash quickly or having access to credit?


Liquidity is an illusion?

Oui, it is.

What is a properties of liquids?


What is the difference between liquidity and equity?

Liquidity is the cash you hold and equity is the asset such as house, shares which can be converted into cash

What is current Statutory Liquidity Ratio of India as on 1st feb 2011?

statutary liquidity ration currnetly is 25%

What is Liquidity ratio analysis?

RATIO ANALYSIS Meaning and definition of ratio analysis: Ratio analysis is a widely used tool of financial analysis. It is defined as the systematic use of ratio to interpret the financial statements...measure of a firms ability to meet short term cash payments. bassically liquidity ratios show how good a business is at paying off its debts. hope this helps :)liquidity ratios include current ratio (which is current assets/current liabilities) and acid test (which is current assets- stock/current liabilities.) liquidity ratio's shows how good a business is...

What has the author Douglas W Diamond written?

Douglas W. Diamond has written: 'Liquidity shortages and banking crises' -- subject(s): Bank failures, Bank liquidity, Banks and banking, Central, Central Banks and banking 'Liquidity, banks, and markets' -- subject(s): Econometric models, Bank liquidity, Money market, Liquidity (Economics) 'Illiquid banks, financial stability, and interest rate policy'

What are the release dates for Liquidity of Motion - 1999?

Liquidity of Motion - 1999 was released on: USA: 16 October 1999