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A metrosexual is a male who is seen as more body and image conscious. Usually more emotional and cares more than most males about how he is viewed. Typically lives/works in or near a large metropolitan area. High disposable income. Often mistaken for being gay.

A metrosexual is a man who is meticulous about his appearance. He is always in fashion and very well groomed.

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Q: What is the definition of metrosexual?
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How do you crossdress as a metrosexual boy that shaves?


Is bill kaulitz metrosexual?

Bill Kaulitz is 100% straight. Metrosexual means straight but not afraid to to be feminine. So yes he is metrosexual..... and very sexy ;D.

When was Metrosexual - film - created?

Metrosexual - film - was created on 2006-07-13.

Are Uggs for men considered "metrosexual"?

Men should not wear Uggs. They are considered metrosexual.

What is a metrosexual male?

A ''metrosexual'' male is a straight man who acts like he is ''good with colours''. Simples...

Was Randolph Scott the actor gay?

Some believe so, others say hes metrosexual

Is Shane Dawson metrosexual?


What are the release dates for Slim the Metrosexual - 2005?

Slim the Metrosexual - 2005 was released on: USA: 15 October 2005 (Miami Film Festival)

What is the difference between a gay guy and metrosexual?

Gay guys like guys but metrosexual guys only care about looking good and smelling good they do not like guys...

Who is Worthington Longfellow in Pinocchio?

Metrosexual Hipster

How do you say metrosexual in french?

Métrosexuel. Androgyne.

What is another synonym for and urbanization person?


Is Barack Obama a metrosexual?

Possibly, a metrosexual is a neologism of the 2000s generally applied to heterosexual men with an evident concern for their appearance and good grooming.

How do you use metrosexual in a sentence?

The word 'metrosexual' is a noun, a word for a heterosexual man who spends a lot of time and money on his appearance; a word for a person.A noun is used as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Example sentence:Our grooming products are marketed to the metrosexual. (object of the preposition 'to')The word 'metrosexual' is also used as an adjective to describe a noun as of or relating to metrosexuals.Example sentence:They carry a very expensive line of metrosexual products.

Term used for men who get manicures and waxed?


Is Roc Royal from Mindless Behaviour gay?

HEck No, hes a metrosexual !!

What actors and actresses appeared in Metrosexual - 2008?

The cast of Metrosexual - 2008 includes: Charlie Bennison as Alex Pilli Cortese as Virgin Goddess Rocco Salata as Ross Mjka Scott as Elizabeth

Bading ba talaga ang metrosexual o may tabas lang?

Ayon sa department of health, ang metrosexual ay kumakain ng mahigit kumulang sa 3 tarugz sa isang araw, dito ay masasabi ng ang metrosexual ay mas matindi pa sa bading.. ang mga metrosexual ay nagkukubli ng kanilang tunay na pagkatao sa pamamagitan ng pag porma, pananalita at pagkakaroon ng babae.

Is whiplasher bernadotte gay?

No. But he might be bisexual or just metrosexual.

Can a 12 year old be metrosexual?

Yes, I am 12 and metro :)

What rhymes with homosexual?

metrosexual, intellectual

What do you call a guy that is in touch with his feminine side but is straight?


What actors and actresses appeared in Slim the Metrosexual - 2005?

The cast of Slim the Metrosexual - 2005 includes: Cris Bickerstaff as Jyo David Demanczyk as Slim Damaris Randle as Party Host Lauren Redeker as Nora

Are metros gay?

No metros arent gay. The definition of a metrosexual is a heterosexual male who has a strong aesthetic sense and inordinate interest in appearance and style, similar to that of homosexual males. Metro guys are feminine like gay guys but they're definitely straight.

A man who gives exaggerated attention to personal appearance is called a?