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What is the definition of multiple identity?

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Multiple personality disorder is a condition in which somebody appears to have two or more distinct personalities that are present at different times and take control of the person's consciousness and behavior.

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What is the definition of Cultural Identity?

The definition of cultural Identity is the traits or norms that influence a particular group of person. Cultural identity is endangered due to cultural interactions.

What is the definition of social identity?

A category of identity based on membership in a group.

Definition of personal identity?

Personal Identity is the personal characteristics of someone that makes them a person at any given time under the definition of personhood.

What is the singular form of multiple?

MULTIPLE is the plural version of the identity adjective SINGLE.

What is that movie with multiple personalities?

Identity (2003)

What is the definition of multiplicative identity?

the number 1

What is the definition for social identity?

four mom

Definition of multiplicative identity?

multiplication identity means when any number times one it will be itself.

What is the definition of multiplicative identity property?

The number of 1

What is the definition of double identity?

Someone who has two identities

What is the solution of an identity?

By definition, an identity is true for all values of the variable. So the solution is the whole of the domain.

Can a multiple of 3 be divided by 3?


What is the definition of Cultural Identity in education?

Our cultural identity is derived from our sense of belonging to a particular cultural or ethnic group.

What is the definition of disguise?

to furnish with a false appearance or an assumed identity

What is the definition of identity matrix?

Identity or Unit Matrix If in the scaler matrix the value of k=1, the matrix is called the identity or unit matrix. It is denoted by I or U.

What are the three aspects of sexual self-definition?

Gender Identity, Gender Role, and Sexual Orientation

What is the definition for multiple in math?


What is multiple personality disorder now called?

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is the newer name for multiple personality disorder

What is the definition of Identity Property of Multiplication?

The Identity Property of Multiplication means multiplying a number by 1 will equal that number. The value will not change.

Which 2 multiple of 13 are co-prime numbers?

None: by definition.None: by definition.None: by definition.None: by definition.

What is a person called with multiple personalities?

A person with multiple personalities is said to have dissociative identity disorder. There is not really a name for the person.

Is there is a single definition for art?

No, there are multiple definitions.

Difference between a biological identity and multiple digital identities?

5 years

Which condition was previously known as multiple personality disorder?

dissociative identity disorder

What is the definition of oppression?

The routine mistreatment of people based on their social identity group