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posessed, experienced, having same interest and relations for eachother!

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Q: What is the definition of mutual relationship?
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Modern physics definition?

The study of matter, energy & there mutual relationship..........................

What does mutual relationship mean?

You both have the same relationship. For example, if a boyfriend and girlfriend both love each other then that is a mutual relationship.

What is the definition of mutual?

The definition of mutual is shared or common. The word mutual is an adjective and means to have something in common with another. The opposite of two things having a mutual agreement would be disagreement or disorder.

Which characteristic does a mutual relationship have?

two organisms benefiting from the relationship

Is the relationship between george and Lennie one of mutual interdependence?

Yes, it is mutual

What is in relationship?

The essential ingredients in a personal relationship are mutual affection and trust.

What are the elements of a healthy mutual relationship?

love friendship caring mutual understanding respect

What is the relationship between sunni and shiite muslims?

They are both Muslims and having good mutual relationship and mutual respect. Refer to question below.

What is the definition of 'mutual funds'?

The definition of mutual funds is a professionally managed investment program that is funded by it's shareholders. It specializes in trades of diversified holdings.

What of the relationship among organisms is the best?

mutual relationship (when both organisms's benafit)

What does interelationships mean?

transitive verb : to bring into a mutual relationintransitive verb : to have a mutual relationship

What is it called when organisms live together and in which the association is of mutual advantage?

The relationship these two organisms would share would be called a mutual(istic) symbiotic relationship.

What is the definition for mutual copulation eg in hermaphroditic animals?

When mutual sperm exchange takes place. For example in gastropods.

How does this word origin help to explain the definition of symbiosis?

Symbiosis is close and often long-terminteractions between different biological species. A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence is symbiosis.

An ecological relationship between organisms of two different species that live together in direct contact?

That's a 'symbiosis'. You didn't mention it in your 'definition', but a symbiosis is typically to the mutual benefit of the organisms.

What is the relationship of mutualism?

an interaction between two species that benefits both is a mutual ism relationship.

What is the definition of mutual fund?

Mutual funds are pooled of investment vehicles in which investor indirectly invest into the diversified portfolio of assets.

Can a sim woohoo with the maid?

If they have a high enough mutual relationship they can.

What is the mutual symbiotic relationship between crocodile and turtle?


What is the relationship between variable and constant?

It is a relationship of mutual exclusivity.

What is the definition of interrelated?

Having a mutual or reciprocal relation or parallelism; correlative.

Why do the ostrich and the zebra live together?

because they share a mutual relationship

What are the primary choices in a relationship?

mutual attraction trust fidelity and affection

What is the relationship between object and and reaction?

sexual attraction or mutual attraction

What is the definition of symbiotic?

A relationship is when the involved members derive mutual benefits from each other. Consider lichen - the fungus part provides a safe haven for the algae which provide a food source for the fungus!A symbiotic relationship is one where each party to the relationship gives something to the other. The classic example is sharks and ramoras.