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The legal term is "failure to use a reasonable amount of care when such failure results in injury of damage to another". An example would be driving under the influence (DWI). The nonlegal definition would be carelessness, such as leaving your spouse's Golf clubs out in the rain. (Not that I know anyone who has ever done that).

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Q: What is the definition of negligence?
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What is the definition of doctorine of corporate negligence?

The definition of doctrine of corporate negligence is a legal doctrine which will hold health facilities responsible for the well-being of patients. Due diligence is expected from these corporate facilities.

What is the meaning of contributory negligence?

Contributory negligence is a rule of law that has been largely abolished in the U.S., as it deemed that a plaintiff who was even partially at fault for the incident, due to his own negligence, could not recover any damages from the defendant, who supposedly caused the incident. Contributory negligence refers to some amount of negligence on the part of the plaintiff, without which the incident would not have occurred. To explore this concept, consider the following contributory negligence definition.

What are the grounds for malpractice against an attorney in PA?

Legal negligence is the only grounds for malpractice against an attorney in PA. There is no specific definition for legal negligence. However, a lawyer can be accused of negligence when he or she is careless and neglects to provide a client with quality legal service.

What is the legal definition of criminal negligence?

Criminal negligence charges are brought when reckless action, often coupled with the intention to cause harm, results in bodily injury or property damage to a victim. Leaving a child in a hot car is a common act of criminal negligence.

What is the least serious degree of negligence?

The least serious degree of negligence is "ordinary" negligence. The most serious is "gross" negligence.

What is the contrast between Tort negligence and criminal negligence?

Criminal negligence is an act of negligence that results in a crime-such as involuntary manslaughter which are tried in a criminal court. Tort negligence is negligence thought of as a "civil wrongdoing" which is addressed in civil courts.

What is the legal definition of gross negligence?

Gross negligence can refer to the blatant disregard of someone's health and well being. It is not considered accidental and is considered when someone (such as a doctor) treats a patient wrong to where it results in a bodily injury, or even death.

What is a negligence case?

negligence is when someone failed or compromised is duties, and by doing so, the person in question puts another person in harms way. There are types of Negligence: Gross Negligence Comparative Negligence Contributory Negligence Vicarious Liability Medical Negligence Clinical Negligence

What kind of negligence denies liability for all damages on the grounds of negligence on the part of the plaintiff?

Contributory Negligence

What is a negligent tort?

Basically someone that causes an injury due to their own negligence. Here is the full definition:

In a no fault state can negligent party of a auto accident sue for bodily injures?

If there is no fault, then by definition there is no negligent party - negligence implies fault.

What is negligent tort?

Basically someone that causes an injury due to their own negligence. Here is the full definition:

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