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What is the definition of physical environment?



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The physical environment comprises all the different factors of nature, including trees, lakes, the ocean etc.

The environment is all of physical and social conditions that surround a person and can influence that person's health. Your physical environment includes both your outdoor and indoor surroundings. The quality of air you breathe and the water you drink are important to your health. So is your exposure to deceasing- causing orgasms, to loud noise, and to radiation from the sun and other sources.

Being aware of potential risk in your physical environment can help you protect your health. If you know that breathing in the smoke exhaled by a smoker increases your risk of lung cancer, you can try to avoid second hand smoke. If you know loud noises damage your hearing may be more likely to keep your music at less-than-harmful levels.

Physical Environment, the external surrounding and conditions in which something exists.

Physical Environment: Definition: - consists of physical features that occur naturally - 4 major components : Water (rivers,seas,oceans), Natural Vegetation, Landform and rocks, weather and climater Natural resources are found here Examples: rivers, seas , ocean, mountains, rocks, volcanoes, tornadoes