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What is the definition of principle?

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A principle is a basic rule, tenet, or belief.

(A principal is a chief administrator of a school.)
principle: "a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as a foundation for a system of belief or a chain of reasoning;" "a fundamental source or basis of something."

2013-09-27 18:21:24
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What is the definition to the word principle?

First it's what is the definition OF not TO.Have you tried typing Define: Principle in google?

What is definition of The greatest happiness principle?


Definition of approach in language teaching?


What is the definition of principle of independent assortment?

This principle states that the alleles for a trait separate when gametes are formed

What is the best definition of the underlined words in this passage Full of principle?

Ostentatious Gratuities is the best definition of the underlined words in the passage full of principle.

Definition of mechanical principle of biomechanics?

its aload of garbage

The definition Principle of original horizontality?

big shwety balls

Is the definition of criteria?

A standard or principle for evaluating or testing something.

What is the definition of egalitarian?

The principle of equal rights for all people.

What is a clear and simple definition of Bernoulli's Principle?

Bernoulli's Principle: The fluid pressure decreases as the speed of a moving fluid increases.

What is the definition of principle energy level?

Guuh gut hit meep

Choose the best definition of pillar as used in the lesson?

fundamental principle

What is the correct definition of a principle?

A principle refers to a basic truth or assumption. In biology, it means the origin where fundamental substances or energy precede.

Definition of majority rule?

The official definition for majority rule is "the principle that the greater number should exercise greater power."

Definition of common descent?

principle that all living things have a commmon ancestor

What is the definition of the SAID principle?

Sins and intimate ducks. often used in science.

What is th definition for individualism?

The principle or habit of, or belief in independent thought or action

Which of the laws or principle is described in the definition An object immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object?

Archimedes' principle

What is the definition Of Pauli exclusion principle?

No two identical particles can have same quantum states

What scientific principles explain supertitous belief?

None, by definition a superstition has no scientific principle.

What is the definition of higher law?

a moral or religious principle that is believed to overrule secular constitutions and laws.

What is the basic principle of biamperometric titration?

Basic principle of biamperometric titration is reduction-oxidation reaction which can produce electricity read by amperometer

What is the United Nations definition of Police?

"Police agencies whose principle functions are the prevention, detection, and investigation of crime and the apprehension of alleged offenders".-The United Nations Definition.

Definition of estopel?

Estoppel is a legal principle that protects one party from being harmed by another partyâ??s conduct. This principle stops someone from allegations that are contrary to a previous statement.

What is the definition of principal utility?

The principle of utility states that actions or behaviors are right in so far as they promote happiness or pleasure, wrong as they tend to produce unhappinessor pain. Hence, utility is a teleological principle.