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Knowing of something before it occurs publicly.

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Q: What is the definition of prior knowledge?
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What in the definition of prior knowledge?

Knowing of something before it happens.

What is the definition cultural knowledge mean?

"What is the definition explicit knowledge mean?" could you show me about explicit knowledge?

Why is prior knowledge so important in science?

Prior knowledge allows you to make a well-informed hypotheses and a better-planned experiment.

What statement is not a valid description or definition of knowledge?

"Knowledge is a small village in Norway." is not a valid definition of the word.

What can a scientific question can do that is based on prior knowledge or research and that is testable?

An experimental question is based on prior knowledge. This type of question can also be tested and will have an answer.

What are the best definition of knowledge?

knowledge is the way of figuring things out.

What is definition of applied knowledge?

It's nothing but practical knowledge.

Hypothesis can be based on observations or prior?


What the differences schema and prior knowledge?


How do you use prior in a sentence?

She had no prior knowledge of the event. Prior to the new legislation, motorcycle riders were not required to wear helmets.

How do you explain prior knwledge in a scientific experiment?

prior knowledge is common sense, so lets say im doing my project about how the sky is blue, the prior knowledge in that is that the sky is blue, jsut state the obvious.

What is the definition of a learning?

The definition of learning (NOT "a learning" ) is the act of gaining knowledge.

What is the definition of confidence?

learn you knowledge

What is the definition of the word knew?

you have knowledge of it.....

What is is the definition of knowledge?

To know things.

What are the various definition of education and its concept?

Technically, education is, by definition, the process by which knowledge is shared and transmitted. It is a concept of learning and retaining knowledge.

What is an etymological definition of philosophy?

This comes from the old French "filosofie." The etymological definition of philosophy is "body of knowledge" or "loving knowledge and wisdom."

Why is prior knowledge needed to grasp implied meaning?


An interpretation based on observation prior knowledge?

An inference

What an interpretation based on observation and prior knowledge?


What is the difference between founding and originating in science?

Founding is an intentional and deliberate act which requires prior knowledge, organization, and promotion, where as originating is the start that gave the founder the prior knowledge.

How is a hypothesis made?

By observations, research, and prior knowledge of a problem.

What is a conclusion based on prior knowledge or information?


What is controlled technology?

Knowledge that isn't allowed to get out of control. REMEMBER? the definition of "technology" = knowledge

What is the definition of wisdom mean?

The definition for wisdom is knowledge of what is right coupled with good judgment