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Shutter Speed refers to how long the Medium (the sensor or Film) is exposed to light.

a common DSLR Camera can have speeds from as slow as 30 seconds to as fast as 1/4000th of a second


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How fast the shutter on your camera opens and close.

How fast the shutter on your camera opens an closes.

When you add a camera lens to a camera, it does not make the shutter go faster. If the camera has a manual way to adjust the shutter speed, that is how it changes.

The STEAM (Serial Time Encoded Amplified Imaging) camera is the worlds fastest camera with a shutter speed of half a billionth of a second.

Shutter speed is how fast your shutter opens and closes to take a picture on your camera. Shutter speed also has a lot to do with exposure. The higher the shutter speed (1/2000 example) the less light.

I depends, what camera are you using?

the shutter speed is how fast the shutter can go eg. an dslr has a faster shutter speed than a digital camera the shutter is a part on the camera that opens and closes when it opens it draws the light from the object focused on and places it on the lcd screen of film giving you your pic

All cameras have multiple shutter speeds and depending the mode your camera is (Manual, Auto, etc...) the camera will choose what shutter speed it thinks will be appropriate for the picture. And most cameras will also not tell you the shutter speed you used, while some will.

It depends on what camera you are using.

Depends on what camera your using.

Exposure, in digital or film photography, is determined by aperture and shutter speed. On a manual camera, the user selects both values.On an automatic camera, there are four possibilities:Manual mode. User selects both aperture and shutter speed.Shutter priority. User picks the shutter speed and the camera adjusts the aperture to ensure proper exposure.Aperture priority. User picks the aperture and the camera adjusts the shutter speed to ensure proper exposure.Program mode. The camera selects both values.

Shutter speed is how long the shutter stays open after you take a photo. The faster the shutter speed is, the less light you are letting in. How you should set your shutter speed is dependent upon the type of picture you want to take.

I am not sure if you are asking about a digital camera or a old style camera. If you want a good older camera that would be a Cannon as you can set the shutter speed on it. If you are talking about a digital camera then you should hold the shutter button down longer.

longer the shutter is opened, the more light that can get in.

When using a Nikon 42x P510 camera it is very easy to slow down the shutter speed. On the side of the camera there is a dial that you can access to slow or speed up the shutter speed.

Manual cameras require the user to set the focus, shutter speed and aperture. An automatic-exposure camera sets either the shutter speed (this is an aperture priority camera), the aperture (this is a shutter priority camera) or both (this is a programmed-exposure camera). An autofocus camera sets the focus, and all those cameras have automatic exposure.

If the camera has a "shutter priority mode", usually called "S mode", then the shutter speed is controlled directly by the user when the camera is in this mode, by moving a dial or pressing a button (or both). If the camera has a "manual" mode, usually called "M mode", then the shutter speed and aperture are both controlled directly by the user by moving dials or pressing buttons (or both). Some cameras have automatic modes which allow the user to control the minimum and maximum shutter speeds that will be selected by the camera when considering all other factors. If the minimum shutter speed is reached, the camera will increase the ISO or aperture size to compensate for under-exposure. If the maximum shutter speed is reached, the camera will decrease the ISO or aperture size to compensate for over-exposure.

Shutter speed has a lot to do with your overall exposure. A higher shutter speed will decrease the light a lot. I was in best buy playing around with a camera and turned the camera shutter speed to 1/4000. After taking the photo, the preview was black. I realized it was because of how much higher I increase my shutter speed. Shutter speed also affects motion in a photo. A higher shutter speed will freeze all action in a photo a will less likely have a blur to it if you have a shaky hand. A lower shutter speed lets in more light while the shutter is will opened so the entire time that the shutter is open, the camera takes in all that light. Increasing chances of blur, you can also use this for crazy, funky effects! If your taking a picture of a waterfall with a low shutter speed, your gonna get a blur, which can typically look pretty epic sometimes too.

It depends on what camera your using, some have it so that the shutter will stay open for seconds long. Some have a,"bulb" mode where the shutter stays open for the whole time you have the shutter-release button pressed.

A fast shutter speed on a camera allows it to take good quality pictures in bright areas, such as outside on a very sunny day. The fast shutter speed prevents more light from entering the camera lens.

The Shutter Speed. If the shutter speed is positioned at 2000 you'll have a very quick exposure, this is best used if its very bright outside. If the shutter speed is at 75, you'll have a very long exposure, best used if its cloudy or dark.

Aperture priority lets you set the aperture you want and the camera sets the shutter speed for you. You use it when you want to control depth of field. Shutter priority lets you set the shutter speed you want and the camera sets the aperture for you. You use it when you want to control how motion is rendered in the photograph. Program mode sets both shutter speed and aperture for you. Use it when you are not concerned with aperture or shutter speed control.

Shutter speed can also be refered to as exposure on some cameras.. the lower the # the longer the shutter stays open... Usually slowing shutter speeds is done for effects photos or low light conditions.. It's crucial that the camera remain still when using a slow shutter speed.

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