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"Slope" is the incline of a line on a coordinate plane. It can be found by taking two (x,y) points and subtracting the Y's and the X's, then dividing the Y difference by the X difference.

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What is the definition of rise and run in terms of math?


Sixth grade math What is the definition of indirect and direct slope?

indirect is not a direct course direct slope is an improved method of a wave of lazer

Who is the founder of slope in math?

my nan The founder or father of math slope is Rene Descartes, he was the first person to bring about math slope.

What is the definition of undefined slope?

the difinition of undefined slope

In math what is the graident?

gradient in math refers to the slope of a line

How do you do a math slope?

Slope is the rise over the run, the distance up and down, divided by the distance side to side. aka y=mx+b We find math slope using some particular slope formula. by the help of this formula we can find math solutions.

What is the definition for the slope of a straight line?

slope thatequals zereo

What is a-bxc in math?

it is the slope formula in the equation it is the slope formula in the equation

What is a perpendicular line referring to slope in math?

The slope of a perpendicular line is not defined.

Lines that have the same slope in math?

Lines that have the same slope are said to be parallel lines.

What is the definition of a facial slope?


What is the definition of slope triangle?

A visual tool that helps you find the slope of a line.

What is the definition of population in math?

Population in math definition is the group of people that participated in a survey

Name for the incline of a hill?

The incline of a hill is its slope. The term slope is also used in math.

What does m stand for in math?

When using graphs in math, m stands for slope. The slope is how much a number increases or decreases using the given it dosent

Do stairs represent slope?

Yes. Stairs represent slope. In fact, today in math class we were discussing slope and similar products.

What is the definition of Continental Slope?

Continental Slope is a steep incline at the edge of a continental shelf.

Why is the slope equals to rise over run?

Because that's the definition of 'slope'.

What is the math term to the definition survey?

What is the math term to the definition survey?Well, the definition of survey is a method used and collects data.

How do you find the slope in math?

we have to change the given equation to m is the slope

What is the definition of outcome in regards to math?

the answer to a math question.

What is the definition with an example for junction in math?

math is funn...

The definition for the word math stem?

math stem

What is the definition of cues ta?

A ridge of limestone with a steep slope and a gentle slope on the other side

What is a Royalty in Math?

The King is the x factor, the queen is the y. I fyou are talking about slope the slope is the prince or princess.

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