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What is the definition of states rights?


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the states rights is a right the state owns


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Assuming this is asking about sentence structure, it should probably be: Your son has to write the definition of States' rights.

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A strict definition of constitutional rights are those rights of an individual within a society that are protected by the society as a whole on behalf of all of its citizens.

The government wanted to evoke states' rights before the civil war. States' rights were highly controversial during that time period. States' rights is a plural noun.

He was not real big on states rights'

The South advocated Slavery and States Rights.

States Rights Records was created in 2001.

There are no implied rights. The Bill of Rights states the rights directly.

A strong central government will have most of its power at its head. States, territories, or provinces are given very limited rights.

There are no rights 'given' to states. States instead have given the federal government certain rights. All others remain with the state.

The South favored states rights.

rights that can not be taken life liberty and the pursuit to be happy.

The states didn't want the Bill of Rights. The Anti-Federalists did. They wanted to protect the rights of people.

States rights do what they wantwhen they want tooallowed to have the jobs they want to have in that state

The South (the Confederate States) supported states' rights.

States Rights Gist was born on 1831-09-03.

States Rights Gist died on 1864-11-30.

A classification of rights in the United States Constitution is called the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is actually a list of amendments to the first Constitution of the United States.

Range rights are the rights to water on the Plains. Small ranchers in the 1800s bought the rights from the larger ranchers. Hope this helps!

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